353 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Safety Retrieval Systems Part # Description G2-FP6630/7 Tripod bag for G2-FP6600/7 Durable, zippered bag protectsthe tripod from G2-FP6630/11 Tripod bag for G2-FP6600/10 damage and dirt while reducing carrying effort G2-FP6600/7 G2-FP6671 G2-FP6661 The NorthFP6600Tripod is engineeredwiththeuser in mind. The aluminum legs are madeof squaretubingfor added lightnessand requiredstrength. The cast alloyheadhas an integratedpulleysystem allowinga cablefroma deviceto pass throughthecenterof thehead. This eliminatescostlypulleysand allowsone of the 2 eyeboltsin theheadto be used as a tie-offpoint for thetopside worker. Anotheradvantageof the FP6600 Tripod is that retractable devicesare located on theoutside of the working area and not beneaththetripod. This allowsa narrowerprofile and that meansthetripod can fit into tighterspaces.North'sall-aluminum construction sacrificesnothingto thesafety and securityof its users. All are rated for one personat 140kg.or310lbsand meetapplicableANSI and OSHA requirements. Part # Stored Extended Weight Capacityå Length Length Personnel Material G2-FP6600/7 4.5ft (1.4 m) 7 ft (2.1 m) 29 lbs (13 kg) 310 lbs (140 kg) 1000 lbs (450 kg) G2-FP6600/10 6 ft (1.8 m) 10 ft (3 m) 34 lbs (15 kg) 310 lbs (140 kg) 1000 lbs (450 kg) Accessories FP6600 SERIES TRIPODS THE FP6600 ADVANTAGE • 5,000lbs(22kNs) verticalload strength- Pull tested • Non-slipfeet - rubberpads against skidding, • Backup safety chain on legs serrated teethedges for soil, ice or sand • Adjustable legs withwrap around quick lock-pins • Builtfrom corrosionresistant materialsfor BantamLift Davit long life Surface Mounted Davit System Ladder-T op Davit System Capacity Part # Description Weight Maximum Load Personnel Material G2-FP6660 SteelFloor Base 25 lbs (11kg) 5000 lbs (22kN) 310 lbs (140kg) 1000 lbs (450kg) G2-FP6670 Alum. Davit Mast 35 lbs (16kg) 5000 lbs (22kN) 310 lbs (140kg) 1000 lbs (450kg) G2-FP6680 Alum. Davit Boom 11 lbs (5kg) 5000 lbs (22kN) 310 lbs (140kg) 1000 lbs (450kg) Capacity Part # Description Weight Maximum Load Personnel Material G2-FP6661 SteelLadder Base 30 lbs (14Kg) 5000 lbs (22kN) 310 lbs (140kg) 1000 lbs (450kg) G2-FP6671 Ladder Davit 21 lbs (12kg) 5000 lbs (22kN) 310 lbs (140kg) 1000 lbs (450kg) THE BANTAMLIFT ADVANTAGE Surface or floor mount system Ladder-top mount system • Adjustable boomto suit various entrancerequirements • Easyto installbase requiringbasic hand • Davitmasts rotate 360° toreduce set-up time tools only • Compact unit is ideal for ladder top fall arrest anchorage The same thoughtthat went into North'sTripod designis found in the BantamLiftDavitSystem. Lightweight alu- minumalloy makes this system one of the lightestin the industry. Componentbased,youwillbe able to mix and match your productrequirementsas the linecontinuesto expand. The surfacemounteddavit consists of a base,davit mast and davit boom. The ladderdavit consists of a ladder-topbase and davit mast. Allcomponentsare engineeredto meetor exceedANSIand OSHArequirements. Note: G2-FP6670 / G2-FP6680make one Davit and must be ordered together. BANTAMLIFT DAVIT SYSTEM ANCHORAGE CONNECTORS, TRIPODS & DAVITS