351 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Safety Lifelines G1-FP0401 G1-FP0304 G1-FP1/306W G1-FP0407 Self-retractinglifelines(SRL) are one oft he most versatile productsfor fall arrest situations. Whethermade withwebbing, likethe retractable web lanyard, wirerope or syntheticrope, thelanyard retractsinto the housing to keep it out oft he way. They improve comfort, reduceweightand increaseuser mobilityat or on the way to the job site. They are available in a varietyof modelsand lengthsto suit everyjob-site application. All the SRL's listed on the upcomingpages are engineeredto meet or exceedapplicableANSI, OSHAand CSArequirements. Retractableweb lanyards are the lightestSRL ’s available. They are engineeredto provide maximum protectionin places wherelanyards mightget in the way. They will"lock up" in approximately9" (230 mm) therebylimitingthe overall exposureto a fall by a considerablemarginover a regularlanyard. They are available in various configurationsto suit a varietyof applications. All are equippedwith2" (50mm)webbing, atoughvinyl cover and mountingcarabiner. • Generalfall protectionapplications • Stockpickers in warehouses • Aeriallift applications (i.e.scissor-lifts) For applications requiringthat the web retractorbe harness mounted, theFP0401is ultra compact and lightweightwithintegratedenergyabsorber. DuraLiteis the lightestSRL seriesin its class. At 20 feet (6m) in length,itprovides a lightweightalter- native to SRL ’s equippedwitha heavymetallichousingsor internalmechanisms. With a toughpolymer housing,3/4"(20mm)webbingand a varietyof connectors.TheDuraLiteseries can handlea vast vari- ety of applications. Part # Description G1-FP0301 G1-FP0302 G1-FP0303 G1-FP0304 G1-FP0304E 8' (2.4m) long with carabiner 8' (2.4m) long with rebarhook 8' (2.4m) long with locking snap hook 8' (2.4m) long with locking swivel snap hook 8' (2.4m) long with locking swivel snap hook & energy absorber Part # Description G1-FP0401 5' (1.5m) long with locking snap hook & energy absorber Part # Description Length G1-FP0406 G1-FP0407 G1-FP1/306W G1-FP1/306WE G1-FP1/306WP Carabinerand energy absorber Swivel Locking snap hook and energy absorber “DuraLiteII” plastichousing, Spectraweb 3/4” (20 mm), load indicatorlocking swivel snap hook “DuraLiteII” plastichousing, Spectraweb 3/4” (20 mm), eye only “DuraLiteII” plastichousing, Spectraweb 3/4” (20 mm), double locking aluminumsnap 20 feet (6m) 20 feet (6m) 20 feet (6m) 20 feet (6m) 20 feet (6m) RETRACTABLE WEB LANYARDS DURALITE SELF-RETRACTING LIFELINES LIFELINES