33 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Survival Emergency Kits KIT CARE HELPS YOUR EMPLOYEES PREPARE AT HOME FOOD & WATER Foodbars, 3600 Calories (4) Water Container, Collapsible, 5-Gallon Water Purification T ablets, Bottle/50 Water Pouches, 4.22 oz (54) LIGHT, WARMTH & COMMUNICATION Blankets, Mylar-type (4) Candle, 50-hour Matches, Waterproof Box/20 Flashlight, Anglehead Batteries, Alkaline, D-Cell (2) Lightsticks, 12-hour (2) Radio, AM/FM with Batteries FIRST AIDKIT (A1-K1440) SANITATION Waterless Hand Sanitizer T oilet Paper Roll Chemicals, T oilet T owelettes, Premoistened (100) Bags, Waste Collection (3) Bags, Infectious Waste (12) T oothbrush & Paste Sets (4) MISCELLANEOUS Can Opener, Manual 3-in-1 Rope, 1/4" x 50' Polypropylene Knife, Pocket Whistle N95 Masks, Dust (4) T arp, 8' x 10' A1-K1420 Deluxe Family Kit, with water (39 lbs.) A1-K1410 Deluxe Family Kit, no water (22 lbs.) CLEANSING MINOR WOUNDS Wipes, Antiseptic (12) REDUCING INFECTION Ointment, Triple Antibiotic (6) DRESSINGS Pads, Gauze Sterile, 2" x 2" (8) Pads, Gauze, Sterile, 4" x 4" (4) Dressings, ABD Pads, Sterile, 5" x 9" (4) BANDAGING Bandages, Gauze, 3" x 4.1 yds (4) Bandages, Adhesive 3" (10) Bandage, T riangular Bandages, Butterfly, Medium (5) T ape, 1/2" x 10 yds Splints, Finger (2) MISCELLANEOUS Blanket, Mylar-type Cold Pack Scissors T weezers Gloves, Non-Latex exam, Single (2) Guide, First Aid A1-K1400 Economy Family Kit for 4 (29 lbs.) A1-K1402 Economy Family Kit for 2 (17 lbs.) The A1-K1402 has 2 foodbars, 2 blankets, 2 personal sanitation kits and 24 water pouches, 4.22 oz. each, other items same as A1-K1400. A1-K1440 Deluxe First Aid Kit (2 lbs.) FOOD & WATER Foodbars, 3600 Calories (4) Water Pouches 4.22 oz (48) Water Purification T ablets, Bottle/50 LIGHT, WARMTH & COMMUNICATION Flashlight, Standard Batteries, Alkaline D-Cell (2) Radio, AM/FM with Batteries Blankets, Mylar-type (4) Lightsticks, 12-hour (2) Candle, 50-hour Matches, Waterproof, Box/20 Whistle SANITATION T owelettes, Premoistened (50) Bags, Infectious Waste (12) Bags, Waste Collection (3) Tissue Packs (4) Waterless Hand Sanitizer T oothbrush & Paste Sets (4) Chemicals, T oilet 2 oz FIRST AID KIT MISCELLANEOUS Knife, Pocket Can Opener, Manual 3-in-one N95 Masks, Dust (4) KIT CARE DELUXE FIRST AID KIT Packed in nylon roll bag with clear plastic dividers, which allow easy access to medical supplies. KIT CARE DELUXE FAMILY EMERGENCY KIT – 4 People, 3 Days All components are packed in a sturdy carrying case with plastic liner. Water is now packed in pouches. Extra space allows the addition of clothing and other personal items. Is your family prepared? KIT CARE ECONOMY FAMILY KIT – 4 People, 3 Days Packed in a compact carrying case. A great gift for people you love! BE READY FOR HOURS