www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 344 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Safety Harnesses Sized fullbody harnesses providesthe ultimatein comfortand safety. North's lightweightharnesses have a proven track record for comfortand durability. T ough nylon webbingand forged hardware means long-termwear and safety. The sized harness offeringhas a harness in the right configurationand size for everyapplication. North designedthis lightweightharness complete witha sub-pelvicstrap to help evenlydistribute the forces generatedin a fall. These harnesses meet or exceedapplicableANSIand OSHArequirementsand are CSAcertified. Harnesses available in Small(S), Medium(M), Large(L), andExtra Large(XL). G1-FP700/1D G1-FP702/3D G1-FP700/3D G1-FP4017B Lifting yoke for all harnesses equipped withshoulderD-Rings for confinedspace use. Part# Classification D-Rings Leg Connectors G1-FP745/5D A, D, P B, S, L, Belted Pass-through G1-FP745/5ED A, D, P B, S, L, X,Belted Pass-through Part# Classification D-Rings Leg Connectors G1-FP700/3D A, P B, S Pass-through G1-FP700/3ED A, P B, S, X Pass-through G1-FP705/5D A, P , D B, S, L Pass-through G1-FP705/5ED A, P , D B, S, L, X Pass-through Classification Legend A- Fall arrest P- Work positioning D- Descent L- Ladder climbing C- Confined space D-Ring Legend F- Front B- Slidingback S- Sideor hip E- Shoulder L- Sternal loops or D-rings X- D-Ring extender G1-FP790 Convertssternal or side D-Ringsfor suspension work. FALL ARREST* WORK POSITIONING* WORK POSITIONING, DESCENT* * When ordering, pleaseadd S, M, Lor XL to the end of Part # G1-FP700/1ED SIZED HARNESSES Part# Classification D-Rings Leg Connectors G1-FP700/1D A B Pass-through G1-FP700/1ED A B, X Pass-through G1-FP701/3D A, D B, L Pass-through G1-FP701/3ED A, D B, L, X Pass-through Part# Classification D-Rings Leg Connectors G1-FP702/3D A, D, L B, L Pass-through G1-FP702/3ED A, D, L B, L, X Pass-through