339 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Winter Liners C2-WC70-Welder’s skull cap, 100% cotton, navy blue. C2-WC80-White. C2-WC75- Welder’s cap with neck protector, Westex Proban fire retardant cot- ton, lime green. C2-WC85-Welder’s cap with neck protector, 100% cotton, navy blue. WELDER’S CAPS FACE PROTECTORS, BALACLAVAS & TUQUES Warm Washable Warm Washable Warm Washable Warm Washable Fire Retardant C2-FM10-Thermal face protector 100% stretch C2-WL50-Snug fit toque. 100% acrylic. C2-WL600-Balaclava, 100% stretch acrylic. C2-FH157-Short Nomex Balaclava. Warm Washable Fire Retardant C2-FH257-Long Nomex Balaclava. FIREFIGHTER BALACLAVA