www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 338 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Safety Cap Winter Liners HARD HAT WINTER LINERS C2-WL1-Winter liner, dielectric outer shell, Kasha flannel inner lining, velcro attach- ment, black. Dielectric C2-WL3-Winter liner, yellow twill outer shell, flannel lining, dielectric, velcro attachment, fire retardant. Dielectric Fire Retardant C2-WL4-Deluxe winter liner, quilt- ed green tricot outer shell, heavy red fleece lining, dielectric, velcro attach- ment, fire retardant. Dielectric Fire Retardant C2-WL6-Winter liner, Kasha inner lin- ing, velcro attachment, with zipper allowing the lower part to be removed. C2-WL12FP-100% fire retardant cot- ton winter liner with long neck outer shell, with face warmer. C2-WL12-Without face warmer. C2-WL40/1RBSP-Without face warmer. C2-WL41RBSP-W estex Proban outer shell winter liner, with heavy quilted lining, available with face warmer. C2-WL20B- Sock type winter liner, fits snugly over hat brim and top ofh ead, 100% stretch nylon, red or blue. T o fit regular Available in blue or red. hard hats. C2-WL20XL-Same as above for wide brim hard hats. DELUXE HARD HAT WINTER LINERS C2-WL20B Stretch Nylon Blue C2-WL20R Stretch Nylon Red C2-WL20XL Stretch Nylon Red Model Material Color C2-WL12 Cotton No Royal Blue C2-WL12FP Cotton Yes Royal Blue C2-WL40/1RBSP Nomex No Royal Blue C2-WL41RBSP Westex Proban Yes Royal Blue Model Material Face Warmer Color HARD HAT SOCK TYPE WINTER LINERS