www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 32 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Survival Emergency Kits KIT CARE EMPLOYEE SUPPORT KIT CARE DELUXE CORPORATE EMERGENCY KIT 10 Persons,3Days Includes the same contents as A1-K1230 (above) with the addition of the search and rescue tools listed below. A1-K1220 Corporate Kit - 10, No Water (30 lbs.) A1-K1210 Corporate Kit - 5, With Water (25 lbs.) A1-K1230 Corporate Kit - 10, With Water (49 lbs.) FIRST AID KIT FOOD & WATER Foodbar, 3600 Calories Water Pouches, 4.22 oz (6) LIGHT, WARMTH & COMMUNICATION Blanket, Mylar-type Lightsticks, 12-hour (2) Whistle SANITATION T owelettes, Premoistened (12) Bags, Infectious Waste (3) Tissue Pack T oothbrush & Paste Set MISCELLANEOUS Velcro Strip Wipes, Alcohol (2) N95 Mask, Dust A1-K1250 DESKit (4.5 lbs.) KIT CARE DESKit – 1 Person, 3 Days This one-person basic kit has a special velcro fastener to attach to the side of a desk. Another great corporate gift idea! Use your company logo and colors. Call for logo pricing. KIT CARE CORPORATE EMERGENCY KIT – 10 Persons, 3 Days A great kit to meet basic needs for your company. Choose 10-person or 5-person kit, with or without water. Packed in high quality cordura carrying case with liner. Quality Our kits have top quality products, in quantities recommended by experts. Excellent value! Experience We have helped industry, construc- tion, institutions, government, and other organizations get ready since 1961. Kit Care products and kits are exported to over 42 countries aro- und the world. When emergencies occur, most organizations know to contact Kit Care Corporation, bas- ed on our worldwide experience and knowledge of disaster require- ments and immediate response. To contact us call 1-800-387-1858 or visit us at www.kitcarecorp.com Contents Not all kits are created equal! example, we include 3600 calorie USCG approved foodbars. This is 50% MORE THAN what some com panies consider adequate! Our kits include more water per person than most other kits. Do you want to cut corners on your preparedness? TOOLS Bar, Wrecking 24" Rope, T rucker's, 3/8" x 50 ft Pliers, Lock Grip Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, Flat T ape, Duct 2" x 50 yds PERSONAL SAFETY GEAR Hard Hats (2) Gloves, Leather Palm, Pair (2) N95 Masks, Dust (6) Goggles, Safety, Pair (2) Vests, Disposable Orange (2) Insuring that your facility is self sufficient for 72 hours! Medical…Search and Rescue…Water…Food…Light…Warmth…Communication…Sanitation A1-K1240 Deluxe Corporate Kit (59 lbs.) MEDICAL RESPONSE KIT FOOD & WATER Foodbars, 3600 Calories ea (10) Water Pouches, 4.22 oz. (60) LIGHT , WARMTH & CO MMUNICATION Lightsticks, 12-hour (3) Lightstick, Hi-Intensity, 30-minute Flashlight, Anglehead Batteries, Alkaline, D-Cell (2) Radio, AM/FM with Batteries Whistle Blankets, Mylar-type (10) SANITATION Bags, Waste Collection (3) Bags, Infectious Waste (30) Chemicals, T oilet, 2 oz (2) Tissue Packs (10) T owelettes, Premoistened (120) T oothbrush & Paste Sets (10) MISCELLANEOUS Disaster Guide Closures, T amper Evident (5) BE READY FOR HOURS