www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 332 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Forestry Face Protection Face protection is often required for forestry, construction, agriculture and industrial work such as chainsaw work, wood processing industries, grinding, polishing, machine work and working with chemicals. •  Good visibility. •  Easy to carry - light weight. •  Snap assembly without tools. •  Can be used with hard hat attach- ment E2-P3B (clip on) or E2-P3E (for slotted hard hat). •  Excellent face protection while re- taining freedom of movement. •  Unique linkage for working and standby positions. •  Spare screens, simple replacement and low servicing costs. •  The model E2-P3Bv and E2-P3Ev attachments adapt the use of visors without hearing protectors. Combo unit Hearing and Face Protection Peltor Visor program for hard hat assembly. E2-V40AH3A (Complete set shown on the left) Designed for use when clearing vegetation or trimming with power tools. The visor also provides protection from spatter and spray in industrial applications such as grinding or cleaning. Effectively protects the eyes from flying particles approaching from the front. The visor incorporates a unique peak that shades the eyes and prevents reflections. It also prevents rain and snow from obscuring vision. Tough transparent visor with double sided antifog coating, or mesh visor made of stainless steel wire. Snap-on visor attachment. “Slimline” and “Flip-up” features. The visor is easily at- tached to all Peltor hearing protectors with headbands. NRR 22 Forest Visor E2-V1A Black metal screen protects against chips and shavings. Two position link system for working and at rest positions. Also available in: E2-V1B Nylon E2-V1C Stainless steel mesh Accessories include: E2-GR1C Water resistant neck protector/rainshield E2-GR2B Sealer between visor and brim Industrial Visor E2-V2A  Peltor transparent cellulose acetate visor, providing clear vision with impact resistance. E2-V2B  Same as V2C only with green tint. E2-V2C  Same as V2A only polycarbonate. E2-V3C  Same as V2C but shorter with cut- out for the nose. E2-V3F  Same as V2A but shorter with cut- out for the nose. Models available E2-V40A Metal mesh E2-V40D Cellulose acetate “Antifog” E2-V40B Nylon E2-V40E Polycarbonate green E2-V40C Stainless steel E2-V40F Polycarbonate Clear For eye protection, wear goggles or adequately shielded glasses meeting ANSI Z87.1 under faceshield. E2-V1A E2-V2A