327 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Earmuff Protectors Model E2-H7A with Headband NRR 27dB Model E2-H7P3E Helmet Attachable NRR 24dB Model E2-H7F Folding Earmuff NRR 26dB Model E2-H10B Earmuff Behind-the-Head NRR 29dB The H10 Series represents the ultimate in earmuff technology by providing one of the highest protection levels in the industry coupled with Peltor ’s extensive list of performance and comfort features. The Best of the best. With a wide protection range that covers both severe and high noise levels, the H7 earmuffs are versatile enough to meet the protection requirements of almost any working environment. H10 Series – Extreme Performance Earmuffs H7 Series – Deluxe Earmuffs Model E2-H10A with Headband NRR 30dB Model E2-H10P3E Helmet Attachable NRR 27dB Model E2-H7B Earmuff Behind-the-Head NRR 26dB Choice of Models for Versatility. Each Peltor muff series includes a choice of models to allow for different wearing positions and functions. Look for these designations: A =With Headband for traditional over -the-head wear . B =With Neckband for Behind-the-Head wear . Will not interfere with hardhats. F =Folding Design for easy storage & pocket size portability . P3 =Helmet Attachable system to fit most slotted hardhats. Also accepts Peltor visors, and rain shields.