315 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Earmuff Protectors Model E2-1000 Earmuff - Laboratory tested NRR 20dB over-the-head, NRR 22dB behind-the-head and under-the-chin*. - Our most popular model. Model E2-2000H Earmuff - Laboratory tested NRR 21dB. - Mounts to most hard hats without an adapter. - Muffs swing up and out of the way quickly. - “At-rest” position eliminates contact with dirty hard hats, reduces contamination and cushion distortion. - Works with most slotted hard hats available. Model E2-3000 Earmuff - Laboratory tested NRR 26dB behind-the-head and under-the-chin (NRR 25dB over-the-head). - Crown strap included for under-the-chin or behind-the-head wear. Model E2-4000 Earmuff - Laboratory tested NRR 27db over-the-head (NRR 26dB behind-the-head and under-the-chin). - Soft, wide earmuff cushion to distribute pressure evenly. - Vertical adjustment on band for custom fit. ULTRA E2-9000 Earmuff - Laboratory tested NRR 16dB over-the-head and behind-the-head (17dB under-the-chin). - Recommended for noise levels of 95dB or less. - Protects while preserving natural sound quality. - Speech is not distorted. - Designed for people who have a critical need to hear machinery or verbal communications in the workplace. - May eliminate the squeal often heard by hearing-aid wearers when wearing standard design muffs. - Advantageous for hearing-impaired workers in moderate noise levels. - No electronics, batteries or delicate microphones. - Patented valve system responds to high-level (+120dB) noise impulses with increased attenuation, allows normal communications to be heard. - Designed to avoid over-protection in moderate noise. - Universal fit is comfortable over-the-head, behind-the-head or under-the-chin*. * Optional crown strap required when worn under the chin or behind the head to obtain labeled attenuation. E-A-R® Earmuff Hearing Protectors Model E2-1000 Earmuff Model E2-2000H Earmuff ULTRA E2-9000® Earmuff Model E2-3000 Earmuff Model E2-4000 Earmuff