29 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Cederroth First Aid Kit Refills 9 The Cederroth Bloodstopper is a sterile universal dressing. 9 Pressure pad for heavy bleeding. 9 Protective dressing for superficial wounds. 9 Burn dressing with special wound protecting surface. 9 Temporary support dressing. 9 The Bloodstopper contains 1 special pad (14 x 23 cm) and 2 disposable elastic bandages (10 cm x 3 m). 9 The Mini Bloodstopper contains 1 special pad (8 x 12 cm) and 1 elastic bandage (6 cm x 3 m). 9 See application and function usage below. Product Code A3-373F Bloodstopper A3-373S Mini Bloodstopper 9 The protection kit contains, among other things, one breathing mask to use when giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. 9 The mask limits the contact between rescuer and the casualty. 9 1 Breathing Mask with one-way-valve 9 2 pair of gloves 9 2 Savett Safety Skin Cleanser Product Code A3-373PK Protection Kit 9 Manufactured of unbleached factory cotton 9 Ideal to be used as an arm sling or for broken bones and joints 9 Can be used for large wounds 9 Ideal use for first aid training Product Code A3-373T Triangular Bandage 9 9 9 9 Bloodstopper Bandage Cederroth Protection Kit Cederroth Triangular Bandage A bandage with multiple functions. Protective Bandage Pressure Bandage Burn Bandage Splint Bandage Cederroth First Aid Dispensers & Refills (By unfolding the wound pad you can protect large wounds) (The additional gauze roll creates pressure over the wound) (Non-adherent wound pad protects burns) (By using both gauze rolls you can secure an injury) A3-373S A3-373PK A3-373T A3-373F