303 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Respirator Fit Test Kits Qualitative Fit Test Kits A choice of portable fit test kits are available for fitting employees in the right size mask using qualitative fit testing. Select from Irritant Smoke or Bitrex® kits. Deluxe kits include a hard case. The Irritant Smoke Deluxe Kit also includes a training video. The VeriFit® irritant smoke kit features a handy cassette and includes 10 easy to use, plastic smoke tubes. Economy Fit Test Kits are not available in U.S.and Mexico Quantitative Fit Test Kit for CFR-1 The CFR-1 fit test kit contains one each of small, medium and large 4200 masks, probed to perform quantitative fit testing. 100 refresher wipe pads plus extra suction cups and tubes for fit testing are also included. The rugged storage case keeps contents secure and readily available when needed. The D4-4200QNKT is used in conjunction with a PortaCount® fit tester with the N95 companion. Fit Test Adapters North offers several adapters to fit test North facepieces. While some adapters are dedicated to quantitative fit testing, others can be used for either method. D4-770039 Deluxe Bitrex kit with Test and Sensitivity solutions Each D4-770039|C EconomyBitrex kit with Test and Sensitivity solutions. Canada only Each D4-770046 VeriFit® irritant smoke kit with 10 plastic smoke tubes Each D4-770040 Deluxe irritant smoke kit with 6 smoke tubes Each D4-770040|C Economyirritant smoke kit with 6 smoke tubes. Canada only Each D4-4200QNFTD Deluxe Quantitative Fit Test Kit for CFR-1 Respirator Each D4-770021 Fit Test Adapter foruse with PortaCount Quantitative Fit Tester. For5500,7700,5400,7600,7800Series masks Each D4-770023 Fit Test Adapter, for Qualitative fit testing 80004facepieces, orQuantitative fit testing when 770021Adapter is also used. Each D4-770025 Fit Test Adapter, for Qualitative fit testing 54400,54500and 85700Series facepieces,or Quantitative fit testing when Each 770021Adapter is also used. D4-900099 Fit Test Adapter, for Quantitative and Qualitative fit testing.ForFrontier SCBAfacepieces and hoods. Each PART NO. DESCRIPTION PACKAGING WHICH FIT TEST METHOD IS BEST FOR YOU? For most applications a qualitative fit test will be sufficient. Irritant Smoke creates a positive reaction of coughing if there is breakthrough. Bitrex uses a nebulizer to spray a bitter substance inside a hood. Since Bitrex requires N95 type filters, it is the preferred method for qualitatively fit testing disposable filtering facepieces (dust masks). It can also be used to fit test the CFR-1 and the 7190. Quantitative Fit testing provides an absolute number,telling you how well a mask fits on an individual. These tests can be performed using either a particle count such as the TSI Porta-Count® or a negative pressure method. D4-770021 D4-770040 D4-900099 D4-4200QNKT D4-770046