299 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Respirator Breathing Apparatus D3-85301T D3-88600HV * NOMEX® is a registered trademarks of E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company. E.I. DuPont Canada Inc. is a licensee. ** SARANEX® is a registered trademarks of Don Chemical Company. VORTEX TUBE FOR 85300 SERIES HOOD RESPIRATOR 85300 SERIES CONTINUOUS FLOW AIRLINE HOOD RESPIRATOR* features and benefits • The headgear ratchet assembly easily adjusts for personal comfort and fit. • Airline hoods are lightweight, quiet and easily fit over facial hair and eye glasses for greater com- fort and better worker acceptance. • The breathing tube is non-kinking to reduce the chance of collapse or air restriction. • Non-fogging lens offers a wide field of view and a clear view of the work zone. • Disposable hoods and the peel away cover lens will reduce cleaning and maintenance costs. The 85300 Series assures the wearer superior comfort, clear vision and excellent mobility. It offers excellent protection against airborne contaminants in a variety of applications including spray painting, abatement, pharmaceutical manufactur- ing and chemical handling. Replacement hoods are available in T yvek® * fabric and a Saranex® ** coated T yvek in regular and extended bib. Replacement hoods, peel-away cover lenses and North quick-connect couplers and air supply hoses must be ordered separately. Airline hood assembly including hood, ratchet suspension, breathing tube and waist belt. Part# Description Packaging D3-85301T With Tyvek® hood 1 per package D3-85301TB With Tyvek® hood, bibbed 1 per package D3-85301S With Saranex coated hood 1 per package D3-85301SB With Saranex coated hood, bibbed 1 per package The vortex tube provides greater comfort to the worker by cooling or warming the breathing air. It is color coded and simple to use. Air temperature can be adjusted to warm or cool the air by plus or minus 30°F . The vortex tube comes pre-assembled with Hansen (HV), Schrader (SV) or Snap-Tite (STV) couplers. For use with 85300 Hoods for either heating or cooling. Part# Description Packaging D3-88600 HV, SV, STV Vortex tube with Hansen (HV), Schrader (SV) or Snap-Tite (STV) Couplers for 3/8" hose 1 per package D3-88800 HV, SV, STV Vortex tube with Hansen (HV), Schrader (SV) or Snap-Tite (STV) Couplers for 1/2" hose 1 per package Replacement hoods Part# Description Packaging D3-85301TA For 85301T, Tyvek 10 per package D3-85301TBA For 85301TB Tyvek, bibbed 10 per package D3-85301SA For 85301S Saranex coated Tyvek 10 per package D3-85301SBA For 85301SB Saranex coated Tyvek, bibbed 10 per package NOTE: Quick connectors and air supply hoses sold separately