Kit Care Corporation is pleased to provide our valued customers with our own Occupational Health and Safety Consultant to assist you with any Health and Safety issues. The CallKeith program provides Kit Care customers with a broad range of services. Our mission is to establish “partnerships” with corporations in developing and implementing a cost- effective Health and Safety Program that reduces the frequency and severity of workplace incidents and the high financial, personal and emotional costs associated with those incidents. Kit Care specializes and has a proven track record in the prevention of both employee and customer incidents. With over fifty years of experience in various business sectors across Canada, we have the knowledge and experience to guide and support your organization. Whether you are a small to medium size employer, that doesn’t have the budget for a Health & Safety Department, or a large employer that wants to re-energize your program, CallKeith is here to provide you with a cost-effective program customized to your workplace. Where an employer is too small to have their own in-house Safety Department, but too big to ignore the requirements of the law…CallKeith provides the solution. When the cost of training becomes a financial burden to an organization, but they want to fulfill their commitment to their employees and surpass government legislative requirements… CallKeith provides the solution. CallKeith consists of a wide range of services and training programs including simple online inquiries, 50 online training courses, on-site classroom training courses and customized Health and Safety Manuals and documentation. CallKeith TM Keith Lamson 1