www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 294 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Specialty Respirators RESPIRATORS NOTE: Facepiece, quick connectors and air supply hoses sold separately NOTE: Cartridges / filters, quick connectors and air supply hoses sold separately D3-CF2007 SHOWN WITH D3-76008A FACEPIECE D3-78005 SHOWN WITH D3-7581P100 FIL TERS 7800 SERIES COMBINATION CONTINUOUS FLOW AND AIR-PURIFYING RESPIRATOR* CF2000 SERIES CONTINUOUS FLOW AIRLINE RESPIRATOR* Part# Description Packaging D3-CF2007 Includes interchangeable breathing tube, adjustable airflow valve and waist belt 1 per package The CF2007 Interchangeable Breathing Tube easily converts an air-purifying respirator into a continuous flow respirator. It is easily adaptable to the North 5500, 7700, 5400, or 7600 Series air-purifying facepieces, simply by removing the cartridges and attaching the interchangeable breathing tube to the facepiece cartridge connectors. No modifications, tools or extra components are needed. Using common facepieces for air-purifying and supplied air applications will reduce inventory and maintenance costs. It will also simplify your respiratory training and compliance with OSHA requirements for annual fit testing. Designed to rest on the user’ s back, out of the work zone and worker’ s way, the CF2000 Series breathing tube allows workers to function for long periods of time in toxic environments that are not Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) by supplying a continuous flow of breathing air. North quick- connect couplers and air supply hoses must be ordered separately. Part# Description Packaging D3-78005 (Medium/Large) Full Facepiece Assembly with or D3-78005S (Small) Breathing Tube and Fixed Flow Fitting 1 per package D3-78006 (Medium/Large) Full Facepiece Assembly with Breathing or D3-78006S (Small) Tube and Adjustable Flow Control Valve 1 per package The 7800 Series is comprised of a continuous flow airline respirator approved for use with a variety of filters and / or cartridges incliding 7580P100 and 7581P100 cartridges. T wo models are available with either belt mounted control valve or a fixed flow fitting. features and benefits • Utilizes North halfmask and full facepieces, giving the user the advantages of these industry-lead- ing products. • Its two-piece hose is engineered to be soft and flexible where it attaches to the facepiece, reducing strain on the face seal, while providing rugged protection against kinking and shut-off when exposed to the work area. • Its durable, ergonomically designed control valve monitors air flow as required by the user. • Its wide adjustable belt will not “cut” into worker’s side when dragging an air supply hose.