285 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Respirator Cartridges & Filters Full Facepiece Replacement Parts and Accessories for the 6000 Series Half Facepiece Replacement Parts for the 6000 Series 6000 Series Conversion Kits To complete a 3M Dual AirlineRespirator System, select a facepiece, an adapter kit and an air supply hose. For example: D2-6800 + D2-SA-2000 + D2-W-9435-l00 = complete system. D2-60924 D2-60925 D2-60926 D2-60929 D2-60924 P100/Ammonia and methylamine D2-60925 P100/Formaldehyde and certain organic vapors D2-60926 P100/Certain organic vapors, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, chlorine dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide (escape only), ammonia/methylamine, formaldehyde or hydrogen fluoride D2-60929 P100/Mercury vapor or chlorine gas Replacement Parts D2-7883 Neck Strap Assembly D2-6889 Exhalation Valve D2-6892 Center Adapter Assembly D2-6893 Inhalation Valve D2-6894 Nose Cup Assembly D2-6895 Inhalation Gasket D2-6897 Head Harness Assembly D2-6898 Lens Assembly D2-6899 Lens Frame Kit Accessories D2-6878 Spectacle Kit D2-6885 Face Shield Cover D2-6886 Tinted Lens Cover D2-6893 Inhalation Valve D2-6889 Exhalation Valve D2-6895 Inhalation Gasket Accessories and Replacement Parts D2-SA-2000 / D2-SA-2000LP Standard Back-Mounted Adapter Kit Includes SA-2500 Breathing Tube, GVP-l27 Belt and SA-1009 Air Regulator or SA-l029 Connector (low pressure) D2-SA-2100 / D2-SA-2100LP Combination Back-Mounted Adapter Kit Includes 2600 Breathing Tube, OVP-127 Bolt and SA-1009 Regulator or SA-l 029 Connector (low pressure). Cartridges/Filters not included. D2-SA-1000 / D2-SA-1000LP Standard Front-Mounted Adapter Kit Includes SA-l500 Breathing Tube, GVP-l27 Belt, and SA-1009 Regulator or SA-1029 Connector (low pressure) D2-SA-1100 / D2-SA-1100LP Combination Front-Mounted Adapter Kit Includes SA-1600 Breathing Tube, GVP-127 Belt, and SA-1009 Regulator or SA-1029 Connector (low pressure). Cartridges/Filters not included.