www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 282 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Disposable Respirators Particulate Respirators Filters N95 Applications: Grinding, sanding and other dusty operations • available insmallD2-3M8110S D2-3M8210 N95 Applications: SameasD2-3M8210plusother hot/dustyoperations D2-3M8511 N95 Applications: Welding, metal cutting/pouring, grinding, sanding, and other dusty/hot operations D2-3M8512 N95 Applications: Same as D2-3M8512 • with faceseal D2-3M8212 N95 Applications: Welding, metal cutting/pouring, grinding, sanding, foundry, labs, petrochemical, undercoating D2-3M8514 N95 Applications: Same as D2-3M8514 • with faceseal D2-3M8214 R95 Applications: Glass etching, chemical processing, paper processing, brewing, aluminum smelting D2-3M8246 R95 Applications: Foundry operations, labs, agriculture, petrochemi- cal, undercoating D2-3M8247 P95 Applications: Grinding, sanding, bagging and other dusty/oily operations D2-3M2071 P95 Applications: Aluminum smelting, glass etching, chemical manufacturing, hydrogen fluoride gas up to 10 times PEL D2-3M2076HF P95 Applications: Utilities operations, chemical manufacturing, aluminum smelting D2-3M2078 P100 Applications: Welding, metal pouring, OSHA substance specific particle exposures, pharmaceuticals D2-3M2091 P100 Applications: Same as D2-3M2091plus utility operations, chemical manufacturing, aluminum smelting D2-3M2096 P100 Applications: Sameas D2-3M2091plus chemical manufacturing, undercoating D2-3M2097 P100 Applications: Same as D2-3M2091 • hard shell D2-3M7093 P95 Applications: Grinding, sanding, machining and other dusty/oily operations D2-3M8271 P95 Applications: Same as D2-3M8246 plus hot operations D2-3M8576 P95 Applications: Same as D2-3M8247 plus hot oil resistance operations and greater D2-3M8577 P100 Applications: Same oil exposure as D2-3M8233 & D2-3M8293 N100 Applications: OSHA substance specific particle exposures (lead, cadmium, arsenic, 4,4’-methylenedianiline) and pharmaceuticals D2-3M8233 3M Series 6000 Full Facepiece D2-3M6700 Small D2-3M6800 Medium D2-3M6900 Large R95 Applications: Grinding, sanding and other dusty/oily opera- tions D2-3M8240 3M Series 6000 Half Facepiece D2-3M6100 Small D2-3M6200 Medium D2-3M6300 Large