267 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Lens Cleaning Products kit care METAL LENS CLEANING STATION Recommended for all area where proper care of protective and other eye wear is essential. 9 All lens cleaning stations are wall mountable for convenient and easy access 9 Refillable with lens cleaning solution and tissues Metal Cleaning Station 9 Durable and fully enclosed to keep out dust and dirt 9 Provides easy access to solution and tissues for fast dispensing 9 Supplied with lock and 2 keys Complete station includes: 9 Metal casing 9 Two 500 ml bottles of solution - product code A5-731 9 Sprayer bottle - product code A4-731P 9 One box of tissues - product code A5-728 Product Code A5-727 Kit Care Metal Lens Cleaning Station A5-727D Kit Care Disposable Lens Cleaning Station KIT CARE LENS CLEANING TISSUES 9 Multi-purpose wipes for use with lens cleaning fluid on glass, plastic and protective eye wear 9 Ideal for use in industry, laboratories, clinics and offices 9 Inter-folded and packed in a pop-up box for easy dis- pensing Product Code A5-728 Kit Care Lens Cleaning Tissues - 5” x 8”, 300 per dispenser box KIT CARE “NIL MIST” ANTIFOG/LENS CLEANING SOLUTION 9 General purpose, ready-to-use solution for glass, plas- tic and protective 9 Special formula includes anti-static and anti-fog prop- erties in addition to cleansing surfactants 9 An essential product for worker safety Product Code A5-729 Kit Care “Nil Mist” Antifog/Lens Cleaning Solution - 1 gallon A5-731 Kit Care “Nil Mist” Antifog/Lens Cleaning Solution - 500ml/16oz. A4 -731P Kit Care Calmar Spray Pump Only Product Code A5-728LC 100 packets per box 9 9 9 9 9 A5-727 A5-728 A5-727D A5-729 A5-731