253 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Educational Materials Kit Care Safety Meeting Kits VIDEOS, POSTERS and BOOKLETS... available separately A10-931 Accident Investigation A10-932 ANSI MSDS A10-963 Asbestos Awareness A10-933 Back Safety A10-964 Blood Borne Pathogens A10-965 Blood Borne Pathogens Safety Awareness A10-934 Compressed Gas Cylinders A10-966 Computer Workstation Safety A10-967 Confined Space Entry A10-935 Crane Safety A10-968 D.O.T. – Hazmat General Awareness A10-969 D.O.T. – Hazmat In-Depth Security Training A10-970 D.O.T. – Hazmat Safety Training A10-971 D.O.T. – Hazmat Security Awareness A10-972 Dealing with Hazardous Spills A10-936 Driving Safety A10-973 Drug and Alcohol Testing A10-937 Electrical Safety A10-974 Emergency Planning A10-940 Eye Safety A10-941 Fall Protection A10-975 Fire Prevention in Healthcare Facilities A10-976 Fire Prevention in the Office A10-942 Fire Prevention & Safety A10-943 First Aid A10-977 Forklift Safety A10-945 Hand, Wrist & Finger Safety A10-944 Hand & Power Tool Safety A10-978 Hazardous Materials Labels A10-979 Hearing Safety A10-946 Heat Stress A10-980 Indoor Air Quality A10-938 Industrial Ergonomics A10-981 Industrial Fire Prevention A10-947 Ladder Safety A10-948 Machine Guard Safety A10-949 Materials Handling Safety A10-939 Office Ergonomics A10-950 Office Safety A10-982 Personal Protective Equipment A10-983 Preventing Sexual Harassment – for Employees A10-984 Preventing Sexual Harassment – for Managers & Supervisors A10-985 Respiratory Safety A10-951 Rigging Safety A10-952 Safety Audits A10-953 Safety Housekeeping & Accident Prevention A10-954 Safety Orientation A10-955 Safety Showers & Eye Washes A10-986 Sexual Harassment Investigation A10-956 Slips, Trips & Falls A10-957 VDT Safety A10-958 Welding Safety A10-959 Wellness & Fitness A10-987 WHMIS A10-960 Winter Safety A10-961 Workplace Stress A10-962 Workplace Violence Today, maintaining a safe and healthy environment is extremely important. The Ministry of Labour has become increasingly aggressive in establishing and enforcing safety and health regulations. Employees are much more concerned with their own safety and health on the job. Workers’Compensation and health- care costs keep growing and the drive toward achiev- ing more productivity continues. Safety and health training is key to dealing with all of these issues.The Kit Care‘Safety Meeting Kits’provide all of the items need- ed to promote and conduct a complete safety meet- ing. Each ‘Safety Meeting Kit’ includes a Videotape, 5 Posters and 30 Employee Booklets... all designed to work together. Kits also have reproducible Schedul- ing & Attendance Forms and Employee Quizzes. The Kits’ reasonable price makes them affordable for even a small facility or department. Let our‘Safety Meeting Kits’solve your safety and health training problems! Each Video is attractively packaged in a three-ring binder with a comprehensive Leader’s Guide, Scheduling or Attendance Form, Quiz, and Training Certificate. To order, add V to the end of the part number. (Example: A10-984V) The brightly coloured Post- ers can be placed in halls, lunchrooms, and other work areas, for maximum impact. Remind your employees to ‘Think Safety’! To order, add P to the end of the part number. (Example: A10-984P) Booklets are available in packages of 15. Text and il- lustrations review important points on the Booklet’s safety or health topic. All Booklets are 16 pages in length. To order, add B to the end of the part number. (Example: A10-984B) The Kit Care Safety Meeting Kits are available for 57 topics, which are listed on the right. Training Videos Posters Booklets