www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 216 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Sport Medicine Products B SHARP™ Traction Action Replaces messy rosin powder for cleaning the soles of basketball shoes, thereby creating excellent traction. Use at time-outs and half- time. Wipe shoes on towel coated with B Sharp™, which removes dust, dirt and grime. Dirt and B Sharp™ wash out of towel in regular laundry. One quart equals an 8-game supply. A12-020101 quart GYMNASTIC & WEIGHTLIFTING CHALK Powdered and solid block forms of magnesium carbonate. Used on the hands of gymnasts and weightlifters to reduce friction from contact with equipment. A12-070501 1 lb (8 - 2 oz bars) A12-070502 2 oz shaker PINE TAR Use a rag to apply this sticky black liquid to handles of aluminum and wood baseball and softball bats. Improves grip and feel. A12-160601 4 oz bottle w/rag A12-160602 16 oz bottle ROSIN POWDER Grip-improving powdered rosin. Apply to athletes’ hands or soles of basketball shoes for improved traction. Dust on handles of baseball and softball bats for improved grip. A12-180201 4 oz shaker A12-180202 10 lb drum BATTER’S BAGS Crushed rock rosin in porous cloth bags. For dusting bat handles to improve grip. A12-020401 12 oz bag ROSIN BAGS Pitcher’s Powdered rosin in handy pocket-sized bags. A12-180101 2 oz bags STICKUM™ SPRAY Aerosol adhesive spray for hands to help improve grip even in wet conditions when most brands lose tackiness. Ideal for all sports. Excellent for bat handles and vaulting poles. A12-190701 4 oz aerosol spray STICKUM GRIP™ POWDER Contains rosin in convenient powder form for fast, no-mess application. Gives an improved grip. Warmth of hand helps activate tackiness. A12-490751 1.25 oz shaker STICKUM™ PASTE Contains resin in a wax base to improve ball handling and help improve grip. Comes in paste form to stay on athletes’ fingers longer. A12-190801 4 oz jar MASSAGE LOTION Softens and soothes as it disappears into the skin. Greaseless, emollient formula provides lubricating action to make massage easier and more effective. A12-130802 4 oz bottle A12-130801 16 oz bottle A12-130803 gallon w/pump ORAL WEDGE Cone-shaped screw for prying open jaws of injured athletes. A6-279 MAGIC GRIP™ U.S. PATENT 5,204,088 Grip enhancer repels water and sweat by keeping hands and gloves dry. Legal for use in NCAA and high school play, used by the pros. Not sticky or tacky Washes off with soap and water Spray on hands or gloves Magic Grip™ improves grip by 75%. Ideal for all sports. A12-130201 3 oz aerosol spray