215 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Sport Medicine Pain Therapy INSTANT COLD PACK Quality cold pack activates instantly when squeezed. Needs no refrigeration. Single use and easily disposable. A3-276 6" x 9" A3-213 4" x 6" REUSABLE COLD/HOT PACK Soft gel keeps cold in freezer or refrigerator. Economical and can be used over and over. Microwavable for heat therapy. A3-260S Small 4¾" x 6" A3-260 Regular 5" x 10" FLEXIBLE COLD/HOT THERAPY PADS Lightweight, wafer thin pads expand in water for long-lasting heat or cold therapy. Reusable pads conform to any body part. EASY TO USE: Cut to size (economical 28 foot roll contains 840 cells), soak in water to swell pads, then cool in freezer, cooler, refrigerator or heat in microwave or hot water. To reuse, simply resoak in water if needed and refreeze or reheat. Nontoxic and nonhazardous for environmentally safe, easy disposal. A12-030302 Dispenser 16" x 28' roll A12-33022 Box (retail pack) 2 pads 7¾" x 9¾" each A12-33033 Clam (retail pack) 1 pad 7¾" x 9¾" each THERAPIST SIZE REUSABLE COLD/HOT PACK Oversized pack is ideal for treating large area body surfaces such as shoulders, hips, back, thighs, etc. A12-030109 12" x 14" COOLANT COLD SPRAY Non-medicated spray to cool skin fast and help relieve swelling. A4-614 4 oz aerosol spray SINGLE USE ICE BAG Soft, flexible and absorbent exterior eliminates the need to wrap ice bag before placing on affected body part. A12-33127 Retail 4-pack (6" x 10" bags) A12-33107 Team 10-pack (6" x 10" bags) For additional cold therapy products, see pages 104-105.