213 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Sport Medicine Products AFTER CUT SPRAY BANDAGE Spray on bandage for athletes and active people to help stop superficial bleeding. Forms a protective cover and helps protect wounds from further contamination. Excellent as a bandage for abrasions from artificial turf, minor cuts or floor burns. A4-646 85 g CETRISOL SPRAY Antiseptic spray to help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Easy to use in handy take- along, non-aerosol spray. A4-602 85 g FOOT POWDER Absorbs moisture, reduces friction and helps keep feet dry. A12-060301N 4 oz shaker A12-060302N 10 lb drum A12-060303N 25 lb drum SUDS™ FOAM SOAP Convenient waterless foam soap used for cleaning hands and minor wounds. A12-190504N 4 oz aerosol spray FOOT POWDER SPRAY Convenient foot spray reduces friction and helps absorb perspiration. A12-060601N 4 oz aerosol spray GAUZE PADS Sterile Individually wrapped, 12-ply sterile pads for general first aid use. A3-308B 2" x 2" (box of 100) A3-309B 3" x 3" (box of 100) A3-310B 4" x 4" (box of 100) SHOWER SOAP Hard-milled body and face bar lasts long, lathers up and rinses clean. Contains vegetable oils and glycerin to condition skin. A12-190502N 2.75 oz bars (72 bars/cs) FINGERTIP BANDAGES Form Cut Adhesive Band Strips A3-302E100 box of 100 COTTON APPLICATORS Strong, smooth 6" sticks tipped with non-sterile cotton. A3-311A 100/pkg FIRST AID BANDAGE Conforming elastic gauze bandage sticks to itself and does not slip. Soft and absorbent. Ideal for holding Dermal Pads or More Skin™ in place. A3-X307 3" x 4.1 yd roll TONGUE DEPRESSORS 6" white birch tongue depressors. Useful for application of ointments. A3-265 100/box A3-265B 500/box GLOVE OIL LIQUID Handy applicator bottle makes it easy to work oil into leather, keeping baseball gloves supple and protected from moisture. A12-370351 2 oz applicator bottle BALL CLEANER Liquid cleaner for basketballs and footballs. Contains a small amount of wax so balls may be buff-shined with a dry towel. A12-020201 quart A12-020202 gallon ALCOHOL RUB 70% isopropyl alcohol for a cooling, refreshing rubdown. A4-629 16 ounces A4-630 1 gallon A4-615S 90 mL (Spray) A4-615 8 ounces VITAMIN C Lemon Flavored Tart, chewable 100mg tablets that stimulate saliva flow, keeping mouth moist while providing Vitamin C. A12-220201 300 count A12-220202 1000 count Sterile Elastic Adhesive Band Strips Individually wrapped. A3-300 1" x 3" (box of 100) A3-304 2" x 3" (box of 50) For additional bandages, see pages 60-65. For additional antiseptics, see pages 81-82. AFTER CUT SP Spray on bandage people to help sto Forms a protective wounds from furth as a bandage for a minor cuts or floor A4-646 85 g