www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 210 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Sport Medicine Products ICE BAGS & DISPENSER Economical and disposable plastic bags. (10" x 18") 1500 bags/roll. Heavy-duty steel dispenser is coated to resist scuffing. A12-030801 Ice bags A12-030851 Ice bag dispenser COLD THERAPY GEL•BRACE Extremely light, adjustable brace recommended for recovery period after severe injury. Easily removed gel pads can be placed in the freezer or on ice for cold therapy treatment. Provides maximum support to injured ankles. A12-4556 White Fits Either Ankle ONE SIZE FITS MOST Fits USA shoe sizes from Women’s 6 to Men’s 18 EZ-WRAP™ Easy to use, economical 4" x 1000' film holds cold packs and pads securely in place. Always cover or wrap Cold/Hot Pack before applying to skin. A12-050304 EZ-Wrap™ 6 rolls w/handles COLD/HOT WRAP Adjustable elastic wrap conforms to all body parts. Wrap feature holds Cold/Hot pack in place. Includes one 6" x 9" Reusable Cold/Hot Pack in mesh pouch with secure closure. Easy to use. A12-330112 Cold/Hot Wrap MUELLER KOLD® WRAP U.S. PATENT 4,377,160 Elastic wrap saturated with a nontoxic gel cools at room temperature. Provides cold and compression to help reduce swelling. Free foam cooler when ordered in case quantities. A12-030106 2" x 48" roll A12-030107 3" x 72" roll ICE BAG Use with ice cubes, crushed ice or cold water. Pleated design allows bag fabric to conform closely to body contours. Reusable and economical. A12-030602 9" bag COLD/HOT THERAPY WRAP Ideal for the application of cold or hot therapy to small or large body parts. Adjustable side flaps and a detachable extension strap help secure the therapy wrap in place. Small wrap holds one 4 3/4"x 6" Reusable Cold/Hot Pack. Large wrap holds one 6" x 9" Reusable Cold/Hot Pack. A12-330121 Small w/two 4 3/4"x 6"Cold/Hot Packs A12-330122 Large w/one 6" x 9"Cold/Hot Pack LARGE SMALL