207 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Sport Medicine Products LUBRICATING OINTMENT Non-friction ointment for athletes. Apply to skin to reduce friction from athletic equipment, pads, shoes, etc. Contains soothing lanolin. A12-120201N 3 oz tube A12-120202N 1 lb jar A12-120203N 5 lb jar A12-120204N 25 lb drum TAC™ Helps tape and pre-wrap stick better to skin. Sprayer pumps a fine mist, creating an even tack. Convenient non-aerosol formula is stainless and fast-drying. A12-131301N 8 oz pump spray A12-131302N gallon liquid TUFFNER™ PRE-TAPE SPRAY Spray adherent helps secure tapes and wraps. A12-200901N 4 oz aerosol spray A12-200902N 10 oz aerosol spray TAPE & TUFFNER™ REMOVER Spray or brush over tape to loosen. Removes Tuffner™ Pre-Tape Spray. A12-200101 4 oz aerosol spray A12-200102 10 oz aerosol spray A12-200103 quart liquid A12-200104 gallon liquid QUICK DRYING ADHERENT SPRAY Colorless tape adherent. Apply to skin before taping. A12-170201 4 oz aerosol spray A12-170202 10 oz aerosol spray TAPE TOTE™ Double-cylinder Styrofoam case designed to carry and protect tape rolls from damage or extreme heat and cold. Sold empty. A12-200351 Tape Tote™ (1 ea) ANKLE WRAP 2" cotton wrap makes a quick, economical strapping for ankles. Can be cut to desired length and anchored with M-Tape®. A12-010602 2" x 72 yd roll BANDAGE For additional instruments, see pages 144-147. SCISSORS 7¼" scissors with blunt lower blade to safely remove tape and bandages. A6-200C Each BANDAGE SHEARS Heavy-duty, stainless steel paramedic shears cut through straps, padding and clothing. A6-216S 5 1/2”, Each A6-216 7 1/4”, Each EMERGENCY SHEARS Extra sharp pointed high carbon steel blades and soft molded non-slip grips. Sharp enough to cut through face masks. A12-020351 Each CUTTER™ Athletic tape cutter cuts fast, safely. Features snap- in stainless steel blade cartridge. Replacement blades available. A12-100201 M Cutter™ (12/cs) A12-100202 M Cutter™ blades (10 blades/pack) (10 pks/cs) TAPE CUTTER ECONOMY Cuts through tape quickly and effortlessly. Unbreakable nylon with stainless steel blade. A12-200201 Tape Cutter (24/cs) A12-200301 Replacement blades (10 blades/pack) (12 pks/cs) Taping & Bracing Techniques INSTRUCTIONAL DVD Awarded 1st place in the 2006 NATA Educational Multimedia Contest. A12-200831 approx. 1 hour DVD Basic Principles of Athletic Taping BOOKLET Step-by-step booklet provides a basic understanding of taping techniques. A12-200803 36-page booklet