Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Actar CPR & AED Training Aids Simply the best for group instruction. One manikin per student means more hands-on practice. ACTAR is easy to clean, low maintenance, lightweight and compact. Product Code A8-4700F INFANTRY 1-PACK Single infant manikin, 5 disposable lungs with shoulder bag. Weight 0.7 kg (1.6 lb.) A8-4500F INFANTRY 5-PACK 5 infant manikins, 100 disposable lungs, instruction card and video with nylon carrying bag with shoulder strap. Weight 3 kg (7 lb.) A8-4400F INFANTRY 10-PACK 10 infant manikins, 100 disposable lungs, instruction card and video in durable carry bag with shoulder strap. Weight 5.5 kg (12 lb.) Components & Accessories Product Code A8-1200F Actar Adult/Child Lungs (packs of 100): Adult/Child lungs in handy pouch with instruction card adjust to both adult and child lung capacities. A8-4200F Actar INFANTRY lungs (packs of 100): In convenient dispenser with instruction card. A8-1010F Actar Heads for Adult A8-4010F Actar Heads for Infantry A8-1800F Actar Adult Chest plate A8-120P Actar Infant Chest plate A8-1900F Actar Adult Compression piston A8-1900C Actar Child Compression piston A8-110P Actar Infant Compression piston A8-1051P Actar Triple action airways (packs of 10) A8-1510P Actar Infant Airway Caps (packs of 10) ACTAR d-fib™ cpr-aed training manikin Product Code A8-4211F Actar D-fib - Compact 1 A8-4212F Actar D-fib - Compact 5 A8-4213F Actar D-fib - Compact 10 A8-42114900 Actar D-fib - Replacement Lungs (50’s) 9 ACTAR D-fib™ is a training manikin with all the neces- sary features to teach both CPR and AED. Landmarks include Adam’s apple, carotid groove, sternum, xiphoid process, lower rib, navel, nipples and collar bones. Fully modelled upper body accom-modates training elec- trode pads. 9 Save time and hassle. With ACTAR D-fib TM disinfec- tion between users isn’t necessary. And neither are face shields or mouth barriers. ACTAR D-fib™ disposable lung doubles as face shield/barrier - as shown above. 9 ACTAR D-fib™ is designed to facilitate jaw thrust. 9 ACTAR D-fib™ is light weight and even more com- pact than ACTAR 911. 9 Compact packaging in singles, 5’s or 10’s: all with hands-free nylon back-pack or carrying bag. 9 ACTAR D-fib™ is resilient, durable and, when the time comes, entirely recyclable. Contains no PVC. A8-4213F jaw thrust A8-4212F 205