Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Defibrillator Accessories kit care AED trainers This training unit has the same ease-of-use features as a regular AED with- out the capability to deliver a shock. Using a 9-volt battery, it allows hands- on practice at the student’s pace in a variety of simulated rescue scenarios. It also includes an advance button that allows instructors to instantly change the rescue scenario for more realistic training. Kit Care aed PREP-Ready kit This package provides emergency supplies for initial response with an AED. The kit includes items recommended by the AHA, such as a disposable razor, scissors, disposable towel, barrier mask and filter, and disposable latex-free gloves. Product Code A8-9911 Kit Care AED Prep-Ready Kit, c/w storage/carrying case kit care Standard electrodes Kit Care offers single-use, interchangeable electrodes with a large gel surface area to assure maximum success in defibrillation. Kit care aed case and wall brackets These cases have been uniquely designed to store any brand of AED, as well as additional supplies such as extra pads, prep-ready kits, oxygen, and medical supplies. Product Code A8-DAC200 KC AED Wall Bracket A8-DAC100 KC AED Nylon Carrying/Storage Case A1-125CD KC Paramedic Carrying/Storage Case A8-DAC111 KC AED Hard Shell Carrying/Storage Case Kit care aed SIGNS AED signs are a must for quick equipment identification. Each sign is made of rigid plastic. Product Code P2-M609RB Single-faced AED sign, 14” x 10” P2-TV15 Double-faced, flanged AED sign, 10” x 8” P2-VS27W Red/black on white, AED Visi sign, 8” x 14 1/2” Accessories and Data Management The KC AED product line includes a number of accessory products and data management tools to administer an AED program. aed REPLACEMENT Batteries Kit Care provides replacement batteries for all brands of defibrillators. These batteries are lithium sealed, 5-year. Product Code A8-DBP1400 Defibtech 5-year battery A8-9141 Cardiac Science 2-year battery A8-9146 Cardiac Science G3 4-year battery A8-M5070A HeartStart OnSite FRX 5-year battery A8-3863A HeartStart FR2+ 5-year battery A8-1111 LifePak AED 5-year battery AED AED Automatic External Automatic External AED Automatic External A8-DAC200 Automatic External AED A1-125CD A8-DAC111 A8-DBP1400 A8-DAC100 A8-M609RB A8-TV15 A8-VS27W A8-DDP100 A8-9131 A8-5020 A8-DDU-100TR A8-9144 201