www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 190 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Anatomical Models Anatomical models say “please touch” for active,hands-on learning. Patients and students gain a true grasp of anatomicalfeatures with replicas that explore everything from heart conditions to the smallest bones oft he ear. A. Kit Care Budget Functional Francis Torso A10-CMT32 • Male/female torso features 32 parts: 3 removable vertebrae, 3 spinal cord segments, a female breast plate, head, eyeball, 4-part brain, 2 half lungs, 2-part heart, liver, one-half kidney, duodenum with pancreas and spleen, 2-part stomach, intestines, 4-part male genitalia, 2-part female genitalia with removable fetus, and a gender neutral bladder cover. Mounted on base. • Size: 33-1/2” tall B. Kit Care Thin Man Anatomy Overlay Chart A10-DG700 • Life-size; 4 overlays peel away layers of tissue to reveal 200 labeled anatomical features; warp proof board supported by steel frame • Size: 63” tall, weight: 15 lbs. C. Kit Care Classic Sexless Torso A10-B13 • Life-size; separates into 14 parts including: 3-part head, 2 lungs, 2-part heart, stomach, liver with gallbladder, intestines (small and large), one-half kidney and one-half bladder. Mounted on base. • Size: 36” tall D. Kit Care KnowBody™ Deluxe Teaching Torso A10-DG710 (Deluxe Torso) A10-DG708 (Basic Torso) (not shown) • 16-part torso with 23 dissected structures, 300 numbered anatomical features, 16 detachable parts including head, eyeball, 4-part brain, cross-section left lung with ribs, right lung, 2-part heart, liver with gallbladder, 2-part stomach, large and small intestine, and torso unit. Also available in Basic Torso (not shown) with 10 detachable parts. Rigidly mounted. • Size: 38” tall A. D. C. B.