www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Anatomical Charts All charts are 20” W x 26” H. Mountings and Pricing: PU Unmounted Printed on high-quality, heavy paper. PL1.5 - Flexible Lamination Flexible plastic lamination with metal eyelets in each top corner for conve- nient wall hanging or for use with port-able chart stand; markable (write-on/wipe-off). PL - Rigid Lamination Rigid plastic lamination with metal eyelets in top corners for convenient wall hanging or for use with portable chart stand; markable (write-on/wipe-off). How to Order: 1. Choose the Chart Mounting. PU = Unmounted PL1.5 = Flexible lamination PL = Rigid lamination 2. Select the chart item number and add the suffix letters chosen above. Example: A10-8943PL1.5 A10-8943 PL1.5 The Skeletal System Flexible Lamination Portable Chart Stand lightweight, aluminum stand holds up to 25 laminated charts from adjustable float- ing rings. Charts flip up and over for convenient viewing. Weight: 8 lbs. Size: 2W x 53”. 9880 Portable Chart Stand Space-Saver Display Hang up to 18 laminated charts on nine steel arms for eye-level viewing. The 17’ x 6W floor stand easily converts into a 17’ x 3W tabletop unit. Assembles in minutes. Weight: 25 lbs. FDU-2 Space-Saver Display A10-8946 Muscular System A10-8952 Vascular System A10-9872 Knee Injuries A10-8943 Skeletal System A10-9781 Hip & Knee Inflammations A10-9877 Arthritis 186