Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Anatomical Charts Piecing Together Human Anatomy Flip Chart Books These artfully designed flip chart books incorporate illustrations with pertinent information, and concise and clear descriptions of each “piece” of anatomy featured. Each book includes a self-folding easel and is approximately ten pages. Size: 81 /2” x 11”. A. A10-????FC Understanding Skin B. A10-????FC Understanding the Nervous System C. A10-9767FC Understanding Hypertension D. A10-9859FC Understanding the Digestive System E. A10-????FC Understanding Diabetes F. Dimensional Man Chart This life-size anatomical chart transforms into a three- dimensional model in minutes. Study various organs by unlatching or turning moveable parts to reveal inner structures. Includes an index identifying over 300 structures. Size: 72” tall. A10-SS-703 Dimensional Man Chart G. Blueprint for Health: An Illustrated Adventure in Human Anatomy Designed for elementary school aged children, this book covers six major systems using fun facts, easy to understand explanations, and colorful illustrations. There’s even an activity section for each topic. Extra heavy markable pages, spiral bound. Size: 7” x 9”. Dry erase marking pen included. A10-BPH-7 Blueprint for Health: An Illustrated Adventure in Human Anatomy B A F C D E G 185