177 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Custom Privacy Screens Kit care Cubicle Curtain Systems 9 Custom-designed curtain systems. 9 When ordering, please specify: a) full room dimensions; b) ceiling height; c) flush or suspended system; d) track layout and exact dimensions; e) any impediments to track (lights, sprinklers, doors, vents), f) curtain material required; g) colour of curtain required 9 Delivery normally about 6-8 weeks from receipt of order 9 All track bends have 30 cm (12”) radius 9 Maximum single-track length of 5.4 m (18’) 9 Curtain colours: Buff (standard); White, Green and Yellow (extra) 9 Curtain materials: a) Flame-retardent: Lexor IV (100% polyester); b) Non-flame-retardent: Polygown (50% Fortrel, 50% cotton) 9 For your convenience, free layout form sent to you on request 9 NOTE: precise measurements are abso- lutely essential for both track and curtains kit care Flush Ceiling System 9 Track mounts flush to ceiling (specify type of ceiling for correct fastenings) 9 Curtains hang from track to 15” from floor (easy-slide car- riers included) 9 Durable, lightweight track made from anodized aluminum 9 Flexible track... bendable to 900 , 450 or 221 /2 0 angle Product Code A9-273FCS Kit Care Complete Flush System A9-273C Kit Care Curtains only A9-273T Kit Care Track only kit care Suspended System 9 Track hangs from ceiling, suspended by 15/16” alum- tubing (specify type of ceiling for correct fastenings) 9 Track is 1” anodized aluminum with ‘I’ beam suspended below 9 Track is suspended 210cm (84”) from floor, with maximum ceiling height of 3.5m (111 /2’) 9 Curtains hang 37.5cm (15”) from floor 9 Flexible track bendable to 900 , 450 or 221 /2 0 angle Product Code A9-273SS Complete Suspended System A9-273C Curtains only A9-273TT Track only