167 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Neck Braces & Collars Laerdal Select ® Adjustable Collar Now you can have the appropriate collar on hand to fit any size patient. The Adjustable Stiffneck Select collar is actually four adult extrication collars in one: tall, regular, short and No-Neck™ . The sizing method is fast and easy with indicator ovals and locking tab. Features a large tracheal opening to permit easy access for advanced airway procedures. The collar stores flat for space conservation. A3-980010 Laerdal Stiffneck ® Adjustable Select Collar Laerdal Stifneck ® Collars The Stiffneck extrication collar is the first one-piece cervical collar developed especially for prehospital use. Features a simple sizing method, color-coded straps and labels for easy identification and selection. Also features a rear panel vent, a level chin piece and an extra large trachea hole. Collars store flat for space conservation. Laerdal Stiffneck ® Collars A3-980300 No-Neck ™ A3-980200 Pediatric A3-980100 Infant A3-980400 Short A3-980500 Regular A3-980600 Tall Economy Extrication Collar Stiff foam, cost-effective, three color-coded sizes with Velcro® closures. Economy Extrication Collar A3-262S Small A3-262M Medium A3-262L Large