161 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Stretchers & Spinal Boards (A) kit care wire BASKET STRETCHER 9 Durable steel basket stretcher for handling and extrication procedures. 9 Can be used with the lifting bridle set (A9-287), basket stretcher mattresses, spinal backboards, and restraint straps. Product Code A9-282 Specifications (length x width x depth): 2.1 m x 64 cm x 18 cm (81” x 25” x 7”); Weight: 11.2 kg (25 lbs) (B) kit care BASKET STRETCHER BRIDLE 9 Heavy-duty bridle set complete with O ring and extra strength double-locking snaps. Snaps are made of forged steel, and plated to CSA standards. 9 For use with the basket stretcher. Product Code A9-287 Specifications: Breaking strength: for webbing 2955 kg (6500 lbs); for hardware 2272 kg (5000 lbs) (C) kit care BASKET STRETCHER MATTRESS 9 Vinyl-covered foam mattress provides added comfort to the victim. 9 For use with a basket stretcher. Product Code A9-288 Dimensions (length x width x thickness): 178 cm x 41 cm x 2.5 cm (70” x 16” x 1”) A B C KC Polyethylene Spinal Backboard This durable, impact and weather resistant spinal backboard is designedfor the safe immobilization of a victim by emergency responders. It is one-piece and is constructed from high density polyethylene and is not x-ray detectable. Twelve handles allow for easy lifting. Kit Care Wooden Backboards These backboards are manufactured from quality hardwood and have multiple coatings of polyurethanewith UV protection added. The boards have bottom runners that provide easy access to handles and to also increase movement across rough surfaces. The multiple handles allow for additional responders to lift the victim and for the application of straps to secure the victim’s body. Half board is designed to immobilize the upper body, spine, neck, and head of a victim in a sitting position. Item # Size Packaging A9-228 Full 180 x 40cm (72 x 16") Each A9-230 Half 90 x 40cm (36 x 16") Each A9-229 Nylon Restraint Straps 72" Each Baske Acces The heavy frame is emergenc mattress, lightweig PVC/Polye duty nylon comply w 2955kgs ( (5000lbs) Item # Size A9-228P 180 x 40cm (72 x 16") A9-229 Nylon Restraint Straps 72" Multi Strap Straps are duty black quick rele