www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Stretcher Accessories kit care STRETCHER storage CABINETS 9 Made of 24 gauge steel with a white enamel finish and tension latches. 9 Printed with “STRETCHER” in either English or French for quick identification. 9 Available for single or double folding stretchers. Product Code A9-207C Kit Care Single Fold Stetcher Cabinet for Kit Care Stretcher 207 A9-207DFC Kit Care Double Fold Stetcher Cabinet for Kit Care Stretcher 207DF kit care deluxe stretcher kit 9 A one stop emergency stretcher kit consisting of one Kit Care Single Fold Emergency Stretcher (207), 2 Kit Care First Aid Blankets (Grey, 209), 3 Kit Care Disposable Ground Sheets (275) and 1 Kit Care Stretcher Storage Cabinet (207C). Product Code A9-208 Kit Care Deluxe Stetcher Kit Complete kit care stretcher STORAGE BAGS 9 These bags are designed to be a storage or carrying bag for the aluminum pole stretchers. 9 They are made of a lightweight, durable, PVC/Polyester fabric in hi-viz orange for improved visibility. 9 The bag features black nylon carrying handles, zipper top opening, grommets for mounting on wall, and additional space for blankets and a first aid kit. Product Code A9-207B Kit Care Storage Bag for Single Fold Stretcher A9-207DFB Kit Care Storage Bag for Double Fold Stretcher kit care SCoop emergency stretcher 9 Designed to gently maneuver stretcher under patient without rolling or lifting. 9 The immobilization of the patient in the position found, minimizes the risk of complicating the existing injuries. 9 The center of the stretcher can be opened to allow the patient to be X-rayed while secured on the stretcher. 9 Features include sturdy, lightweight aluminum construction with an adjustable length and three patient restraint straps. 9 Folds for easy storing and separates in half during application and removal. 9 Dimensions: 66-1/4” x 17-1/2” x 2-5/8” 9 Folded Length is 49-1/2” and Folded Depth is 3-1/2”; Adjustable to 80”. 9 Load capacity is 400 lbs. Product Code A9-6500 Kit Care Scoop Emergency Stretcher WIDTH 21 cm (8-1/4”) 25 cm (10”) DEPTH 15 cm (6”) 15 cm (6”) HEIGHT 2.3 m (92”) 1.2 m (46”) Product Code A9-207C A9-207DFC STRETCHER CABINETS SINGLE FOLD DOUBLE FOLD A9-207DFC A9-207C A9-208 A9-207B A9-6500 kit care emergency folding stretchers 9 Lightweight aluminum pole stretchers available in single or double folding models, or single fold with wheels. 9 All models made with a durable, wear- and stain-resistant, 18 oz vinyl-coated nylon bed. 9  Wheeled model has two folding 10 cm (4”) aluminum wheels, two folding aluminum legs, and two quick-release seat belt type patient restraints. 9 Folds for easy storage and transport. Product Code A9-207 Single Fold A9-207DF Double Fold A9-207W Single Fold w/ Wheels HEIGHT 14 cm (5-1/2”) 18 cm (7”) 8 cm (3-1/4”) LENGTH CLOSED 2 m (81”) 1 m (40”) 0.9 m (37”) WIDTH OPEN 54.6 cm (21-1/2”) 54.6 cm (21-1/2”) 51 cm (20”) WIDTH CLOSED 10 cm (4”) 10 cm (4”) 51 cm (20”) WEIGHT 5.4 kg (12 lbs) 6.4 kg (14 lbs) 6.4 kg (14 lbs) LENGTH OPEN 2 m (81”) 2 m (81”) 1.9 m (74”) Product Code A9-207 A9-207DF A9-207W DESCRIPTION SINGLE FOLD DOUBLE FOLD STRETCHER WITH WHEELS 160 A9-207W A9-207 A9-207DFB A9-207DF