159 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Stretchers A Far Stretch Kit Care introduces the lowest-cost multipurpose stretcher on the market When it comes to patient transport and handling, no safety program is complete without a portable stretcher.But like several of Kit Care’s unique and innovative safety products, this newest collapsible stretcher that can be handled by a single person stretches well beyond its primary purpose. In addition to everyday use, the QUICKSAVE Stretcher, which is compact enough to fit into a first aid kit or paramedic case, can be used: For mass casualty and disaster preparedness As a backboard cover and strapping support system As a transfer system to move patient from backboard to hospital gurney, or from bed to a chair and back As a gurney sheet As a search and rescue gurney       As a seated patient evacuation system One of the lowest cost emergency stretchers available worldwide, this latex-free, water- resistant stretcher holds over 500 lbs, features 10 lar A9-207D QUICKSAVE Stretcher Only A9-207DK QUICKSAVE Stretcher c/w Case A9-207DSP QUICKSAVE Stretcher c/w Case and 2 Blankets ge handholds for easy handling and provides the ultimate in strength and durability. This 35”x 71”stretcher is made with water resistant coated woven polyethylene for unparalleled durability The Quicksave Stretcher is available on its own or with a wall and carrying case. kit care LIGHTWEIGHT ECONOMY DISPOSABLE STRETCHER 9 This disposable or reusable, stain and water resistant stretcher features a unique handle design to allow for a firm, comfortable grip, and it is x-ray transparent. 9 It is a great alternative to traditional aluminum pole stretchers. 9 It is ideal for occupational first aid rooms, educational institutions, construction offices, camps, office complexes, military, fire departments, and emergency responders. 9 The stretcher can support up to 227 kg (500 lb). Product Code A9-222 Kit Care Life-Lite Economy Stretcher A9-229 Kit Care Nylon Restraint Straps 72” kit care emergency folding STRETCHERs 9 Lightweight alumminum pole stretchers available in single or double folding models. 9 Heavy-duty rigid tubular ppoles and cross spreaders. 9 Rubber hand grips for secure and comfortable carrying. 9 Durable and stain-resistant 18 oz vinyl-coated nylon bed. Product Code A9-207 Kit Care Single Fold Aluminum Emergency Stretcher A9-207DF Kit Care Double Fold Aluminum Emergency Stretcher