157 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Sharps Disposal BIO CARE PHLEBOTOMY AND MULTI-USE CONTAINERS are designed for areas with restricted access. DESCRIPTION CATALOG NO. PACKAGING One Quart Phlebotomy A6-100030 100/case Fits phlebotomy trays. Two separate openings. Phlebotomy Holder A6-400000 20/case Adhesive on bottom secures container to tabletop or tray. Two Gallon Container A6-102020 Beige 30/case Tabletop use or wall-mountable. Horizontal drop. A6-102030 Red Three Gallon Container A6-303020 Beige 12/case Large capacity. Built-in handles for easy transport. Horizontal drop. A6-303030 Red Mounting Bracket for Five Quart SharpSentinel® and Two Gallon Units A6-435020 10/case Sharps container slides on and locks into place. Key for Mounting Bracket A6-440020 10/case Unique plastic tool for removing units from mounting bracket A6-435. Three Gallon Wire Bracket (Non-locking) A6-423000 5/case Holds model A6-303 or A6-333 securely to wall. These units contain a built-in needle key for the safe removal of needles when necessary. Dual purpose lid can remain open for use in code situations. Translucent lids and bases allow easy visibility of fill level. Large opening fits up to 60cc syringes. Horizontal drop feature maximizes container volume. All lids feature temporary and final closure options. A6-100030 A6-400000 A6-102020 A6-102030 A6-303030 A6-303020