www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 156 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Sharps Disposal A6-175030 BIO CARE PATIENT ROOM SYSTEM is ideal for areas where space and staff supervision is limited. DESCRIPTION CATALOG NO. PACKAGING Three Quart Midsize Wall Safe® and Five Quart Regular Wall Safe® A6-125020/A6-150020 Beige 24/case Rotating cylinder top allows one-handed operation. Locks onto concealed bracket. A6-125030/A6-150030 Red Five Quart SharpSentinel® A6-175020 Beige 32/case Built-in handles for easy transport. Uses bracket #435, or use in wall cabinet. A6-175030 Red Three Gallon SharpSentinel® A6-333020 Beige 12/case Large capacity. Wall-mounted or freestanding. Built-in handles. A6-333030 Red Wall Safe Bracket A6-410020 10/case Securely locks Wall Safe in place. Concealed by container when in use. Wall Safe Key A6-415020 10/case Unique plastic tool for removal of midsize and regular Wall Safe units from bracket. Three Gallon Wire Bracket A6-425000 5/case Mounts easily to wall. Can be padlocked for added security (padlock not included). Padlock A6-426000 1/case For use with #425 locking bracket. These units contain a built-in needle key for the safe removal of needles when necessary. Rotating cylinder top allows hands- free operation. Horizontal drop feature maximizes container volume. Empty bio care sharps containers are nestable to save shipping costs and storage space. Bilingual labeling ensures user safety. Mount sharps containers at a safely accessible height, approximately 52" - 56" from entry port to floor. A6-175020 A6-125030 A6-150020 A6-333030