155 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Sharps Disposal BIO CARE SHARPS DISPOSAL UNITS FOR CANADA feature appropriate yellow containers with English and French biohazard labels. DESCRIPTION CATALOG NO. PACKAGING One Quart Container A6-100040 100/case Fits phlebotomy trays. Dual openings. Two Gallon Container A6-102040 30/case For use in restricted access areas. Temporary and final closure. Wall Safe® A6-125040 3 qt. 24/case Rotating lid allows one-handed A6-150040 5 qt. 24/case disposal. Five Quart SharpSentinel® A6-175040 32/case Rotating cylinder top for hands-free operation. DESCRIPTION CATALOG NO. PACKAGING Three Gallon Container A6-303040 12/case For use in restricted access areas. Large opening lid. Three Gallon SharpSentinel® A6-333040 12/case Rotating cylinder top. Wall mounted or freestanding. Eight and Eleven Gallon Containers A6-108040 8 gal. 10/case For large volume disposal. A6-111040 11 gal. 6/case Two Gallon Chemotherapy Container A6-202040 30/case Screw-on cap. Gasketed lid for leak resistance. A6-175040 A6-125040 A6-100040 A6-333040 A6-111040 A6-303040 A6-150040 A6-108040 A6-102040 A6-202040