149 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 (A) kit care GLASS THERMOMETERS 9 Dual scale (Centigrade and Fahrenheit) thermometers for either oral or rectal use. 9 Individually packaged in a protective plastic case. Product Code A6-203 Oral A6-203R Rectal (C) kit care THERMOMETER HOLDER 9 For storage of glass thermometers. Product Code A6-203H Thermometer holder kit care THERMOMETER COVERS 9 Individually wrapped, easy-to-use, single-use sheaths for hygienic thermometer use. 9 Reduces the chance of cross contamination. 9 Soft, flexible, and comfortable for the patient. 9 For glass or digital thermometers. Product Code A6-203G Glass 100/BOX A6-203D Digital 100/BOX Diagnostic Equipment kit care DISPOSABLE THERMOMETERS 9 Individually wrapped, easy-to-use, single-use disposable hygienic thermometers 9 Oral readings after 1 minute 9 No glass, no mercury, and no batteries required 9 Safe, non-toxic & environmentally friendly Product Code A6-203DT 12/BOX A6-203D2M 100/BOX THERMOSCAN PRO 4000 EAR THERMOMETER 9 Interchangeable probe with push-button probe cover ejection 9 Large, easy-to-read LCD 9 Battery Life indicator 9 Removable proble well for easy cleaning 9 Convenient storage for 25 probe covers 9 Mode selection button for selecting oral, pediatric axillary, or adult axillary 9 Ergonomic design with rubberized grips 9 Prominent recall button for display of last temperature taken Product Code A6-6900 W/Oral Probe and Well THERMOSCAN PRO 4000 EAR THERMOMETER 9 Easy-to-read, LCD displays temperatures in either Farenheit or Celsius 9 Preheated probe and sensor technology for reliable readings 9 Soft, comfortable probe cover keeps the probe tip clean to help ensure accurate readings 9 Automatic probe cover eject button for quick and easy removal of used probe covers 9 Prominent memory button conveniently recalls last reading 9 Ergonomic design makes it easy to take temperatures on patients of all ages 9 Three year limited warranty offers peace of mind for many years of use Product Code A6-203T Thermoscan Pro 4000 Ear Thermometer A6-203TF Probe Covers, 200/BOX (B) kit care DIGITAL THERMOMETERS 9 Easy-to-operate, lightweight LCD display thermometers for oral, rectal, or underarm use. 9 Thermometers feature single push-button control and automatic shut-off. 9 Complete with storage case and probe covers. 9 Available in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit scale. Product Code A6-203C Centigrade A6-203F Fahrenheit A6-6900 A6-203T A C B