147 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Diagnostic Equipment Deluxe Sphygmomanometer Unit has a calibrated, blue nylon Accumax® cuff and chrome-plated manometer, which measures pressure from 20mm. Hg to 300mm. Hg. Deluxe inflation system has a two-tube, heavy duty latex bladder and a large air release valve for precision deflation. Comes complete with zippered leatherette carrying case and instruction manual. Lifetime calibration warranty. A6-103700 Adult A6-103701 Infant A6-103702 Child A6-103704 Thigh A6-103703 Large Adult Multi Cuff Blood Pressure Kit Eliminate the need for three complete sphygmos with this three cuff/one gauge kit. Contains child, adult, and large adult cuffs of washable nylon, calibrated to ensure proper fit, with quick release Luer adapter and palm gauge. Large, easy-to-read no-pin style gauge and cuffs fit perfectly in royal blue nylon roll pack, with hand tabs for wall mount. Measures 25"W x 81¼ 2"H open, 6"W x 81¼ 2"H folded. Lifetime calibration guarantee. A6-103200 Multi Cuff Blood Pressure Kit A6-103803M Palm Gauge Compact Five Cuff BP Kit Briefcase Features five individual cuffs in their own clearly marked pockets. All the sizes you need: infant, child, adult, large adult, and thigh complete with bulb and palm gauge that are interchangeable. Storage/carry size of 7" x 11". A6-645011 Orange A6-645010 Blue ADC Aneroid Diagnostix Sphygmomanometer A versatile palm style aneroid sphygmomanometer that combines precision crafted performance with rugged durability. Revolutionary palm style manometer with integral latex free bulb and trigger style air release valve for one-hand convenience. Ambidextrous infinite control trigger release air valve. Quick release Luer slip connector. Complete with leatherette zippered carrying case. Latex Latex-Free A6-103119 Large Adult A6-143427 Large Adult A6-103116 Adult A6-143426 Adult A6-103118 Child A6-143428 Child A6-103117 Infant A6-143424 Infant A6-103120 Thigh A6-143423 Thigh