www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Diagnostic Equipment (A) kit care GENERAL PURPOSE STETHOSCOPE 9 Entry-level, general purpose stethoscope. 9 Features an anodized aluminum chest piece with finger rest, and chrome-plated brass binaural. 9 Adjusts easily for comfort. Product Code A6-267 Size: 56 cm (22”) (B) kit care DUAL HEAD STETHOSCOPE 9 Diaphragm/bell combination stethoscope consists of a lightweight, anodized aluminum rotating chest piece, a recessed non-chill ring, and an adjustable chrome-plated brass binaural. 9 Features a broad acoustical range. Product Code A6-267D Size: 56 cm (22”) A B kit care ANEROID SPHYGMOMANOMETER 9 No-pin-stop aneroid manometer measures blood pressure from 20 to 300 mmHg. 9 Features include: chrome plated clip; adult size cotton cuff with gauge holder; two tube latex bladder; latex bulb fitted with screw type valves; fast-stick closure. 9 Can be calibrated. 9 Packaged in a vinyl zippered case. Product Code A6-266 (A) Regular model A6-266D (B) Deluxe model With heavy-duty gauge and durable cuff (C)  DIGITAL SPHYGMOMANOMETER 9 Digital blood pressure and pulse monitor with large, easy-to-read digital number display. 9 Easy to use - does not require a stethoscope. No dials to interpret. 9 Unit beeps to assist in taking proper measurements. 9 Adult size cuff. Measurement range for cuff pressure: 0 to 300 mmHg and for pulse: 40 to 150 pulse/minute. 9 Lightweight and portable. 9 Battery operated. Product Code A6-266DS Complete with instruction booklet, record keeping chart and storage/carry case (D) kit care DIAGNOSTIC PENLIGHT - DISPOSABLE 9 Pocket sized penlight features a high intensity focused beam. 9 Operated by applying pressure to the metal side pocket clip. 9 Sealed batteries included. Product Code A6-281 Diagnostic penlight - disposable (E)  DIAGNOSTIC PENLIGHT - REUSABLE 9 Pocket sized penlight with a focused beam and metal pocket clip. 9 Uses 2 “AAA” batteries Product Code A6-281R No batteries included (F)  OTOSCOPE SET 9 Entry level otoscope for ear and throat examinations. 9 “C” size battery handle. 9 Packaged in a protective hard case. Product Code A6-266R Complete with three specula B A C F D 146 E