145 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Surgical Instruments Kit Care Paramedic Holster Durable Kit Care Paramedic Hip Holsters black nylon holster comes complete with belt loop and velcro closure, allowing easy access to a variety of instruments. Included with paramedic holster is penlight, paramedic scissors, kelly forceps, pencil, and splinter forceps. Item # Description A6-257 A6-257 Complete Holster A6-257H A6-257H Empty Holster Item # Description A6-245 Complete Holster (Leather) A6-246 Empty Holster (Leather) KC Eye Chart This eye examination chart should be mounted on the wall or on the back of a door in a first aid room. KC Nail/Scrub Kit Care Disinfectant Disposable Scrub Brush Brush This plastic brush assists in the removal of dirt and stains from non-sensitive parts of the body. Item # Pkg. A6-260 Each Item # Pkg. A6-259 Each Item # Pkg. A6-258 Each The Kit Care Paramedic Hip Holsters are durable and feature belt loops, double stitch construction and multiple compartments. The Holsters secure instruments, thermometers, IV catheters, pens, and pencils. Instruments and accessories are visible in the holster to allow for quick access in an emergency situation. This product is available in two styles: top quality cowhide leather, or lightweight water-resistant nylon. Available with an assortment of instruments or holster only. The complete set includes: Thumb dressing forceps, 14 cm (5 1/2”) Kelly forceps - straight, 14 cm (5 1/2”) Paramedic scissors - large, 18 cm (7 1/4”) Diagnostic penlight with batteries Pencil The internal sterilization solution contained in each package is effective in sterilization up to 99.9% of all bacterial and viral contaminates upon contact. Each product is packaged in an “Easy Open” sterile plastic package designed for individual use and easy application. Based on the sterilization of the contents and the surgical packaging, the shelf life of the product is indefinite as long as the packaging remains intact. Each Scrub Brush is designed to be used by the individual as a personal disinfectant, equipment disinfectant, and for use with the patient and/or trauma victim. Each Scrub Brush comes with a sponge side and a scrub brush side, which will allow for the cleaning and disinfectant of any surface.     