www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 144 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Surgical Instruments Kit care clippers and nippers Product Code A6-253 Nickel-Plated Fingernail Clipper 5cm (2”) A6-254 Nickel-Plated Toenail Clipper 7.5cm (3”) A6-255 Cuticle Nipper with Plier Handle 10cm (4”) A6-256 Nail Nipper with Single Spring 12.5cm (5”) kit care SAFETY PINS 9 Nickel plated safety pins in a variety of sizes (sizes are approx). Product Code A6-214 Kit Care assorted safety pins 12/PACK kit care NICKEL PLATED INSTRUMENTS Product Code INSTRUMENT KIT A6-248 Instrument Kit Contains nickel plated scissors, splinter forceps and 12 assorted safety pins. kit care fingerNAIL DRILL 9 Pierces the nail surface to relieve pressure. Product Code A6-247 Complete with 3 hardened stainless steel drill bits A6-247B NAIL DRILL BITS Set of 3 hardened stainless steel drill bits for use with nail drill kit care EYE LOOP AND MAGNET 9 Pencil design eye loop and magnet to remove foreign objects from the eye. 9 Magnetic tip attracts magnetic particles. Loop end removes other small particles. 9 Stainless steel. Product Code A6-202 Eye loop and magnet kit care FINGER RING CUTTER 9 Heavy-duty ring cutter with stainless steel blade. 9 Specially designed lever permits the rotating screw to cut the ring. 9 Stainless steel. Product Code A6-243 Finger ring cutter A6-243 A6-247 A6-248 A6-202 kit care EAR SYRINGE 9 For irrigating and suctioning. 9 Smooth, flexible tip is gentle on the ear. 9 Sterile. Product Code A6-252 56 mL (2 oz) Capacity A6-242 84 mL (3 oz) Kit Care Stainless Steel Ear Syringe complete with shield A6-252 A6-242 A6-254 A6-253 A6-255 A6-256