141 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Oxygen Therapy Devices kit care ORAL DISPOSABLE AIRWAYS 9 Oropharyngeal devices used on unconscious patients to maintain an airway, suction fluids, and depress the victim’s tongue to prevent airway blockage. kit care ORAL GLUCOSE GEL 9 Concentrated sugar in gel form for oral treatment of insulin shock. 9 Provides a rapid increase in blood sugar concentration. 9 Packaged in a sealed tube with twist off cap for quick administration in an emergency situation. Product Code A4-690 15 g dose - net weight 37.5 g (1.3 oz), Single dosage (A) kit care GUEDEL disposable airways 9 Manufactured from medical-grade plastic with contoured edges. 9 Bite locks are colour-coded for quick identification according to universally established standards. Product Code A8-297A Infant, Size 00, 50 mm, blue A8-297B Small child, Size 0, 60 mm, black A8-297C Medium child, Size 1, 70 mm, white A8-297D Large child, Size 2, 80 mm, green A8-297E Small adult, Size 3, 90 mm, yellow A8-297F Medium adult, Size 4, 100 mm, red A8-297G Large adult, Size 5, 110 mm, orange A8-297K Disposable airway kit 8/SET Complete set includes 8 Guedel type disposable airways (40 - 110 mm). (B) kit care ORAL MOUTH SCREW 9 Designed to pry open the patient’s mouth for emer- gency rescue techniques. 9 Reusable. Can be boiled or autoclaved for sterilization. Product Code A6-279 Size: 6 cm (2-3/8”) (C)  kit care BITE STICK 9 Unbreakable plastic stick acts as a bite stick and main- tains an airway during epileptic or convulsive seizures. Product Code A6-280 Kit Care Bite Stick kit care magill forceps 9 Remove foreign body airway obstructions quickly with these respon- sive, stainless steel forceps. Product Code A6-239 Magill Forceps, Adult kit care AMMONIA INHALANTS 9 Smelling salts for nasal inhalation. 9 For the prevention and treatment of fainting and dizziness. 9 Prep pad, individually wrapped. Product Code A4-605 Kit Care Ammonia Inhalants 10/BOX A B C