www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 140 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Disposable Oxygen Masks kit care OXYGEN MASKS 9 PVC construction, elongated style clear masks with a soft aluminum nose piece. 9 Disposable - prevents cross contamination and eliminates cleaning requirements. 9 Complete with 2.1 m (7’) 100% PVC oxygen tubing and a polypropylene connector. 9 Available with or without a reservoir bag and with or without valves (re-breathing or non-rebreathing). 9 Available in adult and pediatric sizes. For use with an oxygen source. kit care OXYGEN MASK WITH TUBING 9 For medium concentration of oxygen delivery. Product Code A8-R170 Adult model kit care REBREATHING OXYGEN MASK WITH RESERVOIR BAG 9 For high concentration of oxygen delivery. 9 Patient exhales and inhales oxygen and ambient (surrounding) air from both the reservoir and the environment. Product Code A8-R175 Adult model kit care NASAL CANNULA WITH TUBING 9 Constructed from 100% PVC. 9 Over-the-ear style design for a comfortable and secure fit. 9 Internal ribs create crush resistance, and soft vinyl adapters secure tightly to equipment nipples. Product Code A8-NC165 Soft nasal cannula with straight soft tips. kit care NON-REBREATHING OXYGEN MASK WITH RESERVOIR BAG 9 For the highest concentration of oxygen delivery. 9 One-way valve on the reservoir bag allows the oxygen supply to flow into the mask. 9 Two one-way valves on the side ports permit exhaled air (Carbon Dioxide) to exit the mask, while preventing ambient (surrounding) air from entering the mask. Product Code A8-NRB177 Adult model