139 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Suction/Aspirator Devices Laerdal V Vac™ Manual Suction Unit Starter Kit/T raining Kit A simple suction unit for first responders. Features a unique no-clog suction tip (intake valve) with versatile catheter connection. Reusable handle is immersible for cleaning. Maximum suction exceeds 380 mmHg. Peak air flow over 70 liters per minute. Contents for Starter Kit 1-Handle 1-Double male connector 2 -Replacement cartridges 1-Directions for use 1-Short suction catheter with adapter tip A8-985000 V-Vac Starter Kit Contents for Training Kit 1-Handle 1-Training cartridge with plug for emptying and cleaning 1-Catheter with adapter tip and connectors A8-985110 V-Vac Training Kit Options and Accessories for V-VAC™ Suction Unit A8-985001 Replacement Cartridge A8-985101 Training Cartridge A8-985002 Adapter Tips (4/pkg) A8-985003 Double Male Connectors (10/pkg) A8-985004 Catheters (8"/18F 4/pkg) Kit Care Suction Pump Kit Laerdal Suction Unit The The LSU features device diagnostics, a “No Tools” replacement battery, built-in charger, and an integrated vacuum regulation/ power control. All this in a rugged “bump-proof/splash-proof” design that is very quiet. portable Suction Pump is fast and powerful. Its one hand operation makes it extremely easy to use. Adjustable for adults and children. No power required. Canister volume 300ml. Stroke volume up to 500mmHg. Kit Contents 1-Pump 1-Infant Suction Catheter 1-Adult Suction Catheter 1-Disposable Canister A8-278 Kit Care Suction Pump Kit Replacement Kit Contents A8-278CA Kit Care Replacement Canister, Adult A8-278CP Kit Care Replacement Canister, Pediatric/Infant A8-278SA Kit Care Replacement Suction Catheter, Adult A8-278SP Kit Care Replacement Suction Catheter, Pediatric/Infant A8-780000 LSU with Reusable Canister The Laerdal Suction Unit Includes: Suction Unit, AC and DC Cords, Canister with Patient Tubing, Battery, Vacuum Tubing, and Directions for Use.