129 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Disposable Medical Gloves kit care individual LATEX MEDICAL GLOVES 9 High quality, latex medical gloves. Strong enough to perform rigourous procedures, yet relaxed to provide comfort during extended use. 9 Meets or exceeds all Canadian and American regulations and standards. 9 Tapered fingers provide excellent touch sensitivity and instrument control. 9 Pre-powdered. 9 Ambidextrous (fits both left and right hands). 9 Available in sterile and non-sterile formats. Product Code Gloves are packaged (in pairs) in a heat sealed, peel open envelope. Each box contains 100 gloves (50 pair). A7-831S Small, Size 6 - 7 A7-831M Medium, Size 7 - 8 A7-831L Large, Size 8 - 9 kit care LATEX FINGER COTS 9 Manufactured from premium grade natural latex. 9 Medical uses: protection for finger and fingertip injuries; cover to help keep bandaged wounds clean and dry. Ideal for the food industry. 9 Industrial uses: to enhance sensitive touch; to protect sensitive products from fingertip contaminants (perspiration, body oils, salts, dirt, dust, and hand creams). 9 Comfortable to wear. 9 Available in three sizes. Product Code A3-318 Large, 144/BOX kit care VINYL POWDER-FREE GLOVES 9 Provides an effective barrier and superior strength. 9 Meets or exceeds all Canadian and American regulations and standards. 9 Low allergenicity potential. 9 Powder-free. 9 Provides high fingertip sensitivity, excellent fit, and comfort. 9 Resistant to oil based products. Each dispenser box contains 100 gloves. Product Code A7-810PFS Small, Size 6 - 6.5 A7-810PFM Medium, Size 7 - 7.5 A7-810PFL Large, Size 8 - 9 A7-810PFXL X-Large, Size 9.5 - 10 kit Care NITRILE POWDER-FREE GLOVES 9 Designed for health care providers and for latex sensitive users and patients. 9 Provides a durable and effective barrier with high puncture resis tance, and excellent tactile sensitivity, fit, and comfort. 9 Meets or exceeds all Canadian and American regulations and standards. 9 Contains no natural rubber latex, latex proteins, and other com mon contact allergens for low allergenicity potential. 9 Powder-free to eliminate powder-related irritation. 9 Beaded cuff. 9 Resistant to glutaraldehyde. Each dispenser box contains 100 gloves. Gloves are approximately 24 cm (9.5”) in length. Widths are approximate. Product Code A7-811PFS Small, 8.3 cm (3.25”) A7-811PFM Medium, 9.5 cm (3.74”) A7-811PFL Large, 10.8 cm (4.25”) A7-811PFXL X-Large, 11.4 cm (4.5”)