127 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Heat Stress Product Accessories A11-399 SUMMIT COOLERS A12-11315 A12-400103 A12-400105 A12-600200 A11-395 A12-11322 A11-394 A11-398 A12-600106 A12-600206 5.5 and 3 gallon Coolers Portable and convenient 18 oz. bottle for use with Sqwincher liquid concentrate or Sqwincher Qwik Stik. Great for the outdoor worker, will store Sqwincher Ready to Drink products,the Sqwincher Sqweeze, or the Sports Bottle with pre-mixed Sqwincher or bottled water. Water- proof design will hold ice for several hours,keeping product cold & refreshing. Exterior storage pockets & adjustable shoulder strap. Sqwincher Summit Coolers are rugged and durable. Available in 3 and 5.5 gallon sizes coolers that can be conveniently located around the plant or on construction sites to ensure easy access to Sqwincher. Both coolers come with easy pour spout,cup dispenser attachment,carrying handles and a press-fit lid. The Sqwincher logo on the cooler helps to identify the cooler. SQWINCHER CUPS WALL MOUNT SERVASTATION KIT Will fit most 3 and 5.5 gallon coolers. Quickly and easily mounts to utility vehicles to transport your Sqwincher Cooler wherever you go. Fits onto 3,5, 5.5 & 10 gallon coolers as well as Sqwincher ServaStations. Holds 4,5, and 12 oz. cups. 12 OZ. A11-399: Fits into the cup dispenser offered with the ServaStations. Pre-measured for easy mixing 5 OZ. A11-398: Cups are more popular with coolers. 4 OZ. A11-394: Cone Cups. The most cost effective way to administer a Sqwincher program. Choose from theWall Mount or Bottle Water bracket. Simply mount theWall Mount ServaStation near a cooler or water fountain or place the BottleWater bracket on a standard bottle water station. Remove a cup , pump Sqwincher to the line located near bottom of cup, pour water to line located near top of cup and enjoy the taste . No need for ice, cleaning, etc. When the Sqwincher bottle is empty simply replace it with a new one. Each ServaStation kit contains; easy to follow instruction panel, tamper resistant wall mounted chrome-plated wire basket that holds two 64 ounce bottles of liquid concentrate, two 1 ounce pumps, a metal cup dispenser that holds 100 Sqwincher Cups,and two tubes of 100,12 ounce Sqwincher Cups. BOTTLE WATER SERVASTATION KIT