125 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Heat Stress Products SQWINCHER SQWEEZE SPORTS ICE 5 Assorted Flavors! You have two choices as to how you can enjoy Sqwincher SQWEEZE. Refrigerate it and drink or “FREEZE THE SQWEEZE” and enjoy the cool and refreshing flavour of a Sqwincher freezer pop . Each Sqweeze contains 3 OZ’s. A12-159200201 - Each package contains 2 Lemon-Lime, 2 Orange, 2 Cherry, 2 Mixed Berry, and 2 Grape. POWDER PACKS 2.5 and 5 gallon STANDARD FORMULA: 23.83 OZ. - YIELDS 2.5 GALLONS: A12-016043 Lemon-Lime A12-016041 Orange A12-016042 Fruit Punch 47.77 OZ. - YIELDS 5 GALLONS: A12-016408 Lemon-Lime A12-016404 Orange A12-016405 Fruit Punch LIQUID CONCENTRATE “No Stir”Formula STANDARD FORMULA: 32 OZ. YIELDS 2.5 GALLONS: A12-020233 Lemonade A12-020238 Lemon-Lime A12-020234 Orange A12- 020235 Fruit Punch A12-020239 Tropical Cooler A12-020232 Grape 64 OZ. YIELDS 5 GALLONS: A12-030333 Lemonade A12-030338 Lemon-Lime A12-030334 Orange A12-030335 Fruit Punch A12-030332 Tropical Cooler A12-030339 Grape A12-030337 Mixed Berry “ZERO” FORMULA: 32 OZ. YIELDS 2.5 GALLONS: A12-050404-LL Lemon-Lime A12-050407-OR Orange A12-050402-FP Fruit Punch 64 OZ. YIELDS 5 GALLONS: A12-050505-LA Lemonade A12-050504-LL Lemon-Lime A12-050507-OR Orange A12-050502-FP Fruit Punch