113 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Spill Clean-Up Solidifiers FSC-1™ Formalin Spill Control Aids in reducing exposure to formaldehyde gas by immobilizing formalin and transforming it into an easily removable semi-solid mass. The resulting mass cools rapidly to minimize formaldehyde off-gasing. GPT-1™ Glutaraldehyde Pretreatment GPT-1™ transforms glutaraldehyde solutions to a nearly neutral pH. Reduces odor and biocidal activity, rendering solutions more acceptable for sewer disposal. When applied to a spill, the liquid turns brown indicating that the spill has been neutralized. Acid Lock™ Solidifier Neutralizes and solidifies low pH fluid spills. When applied to an acidic spill, Acid Lock™ turns pink, then yellow when the spill has been safely neutralized. Alky™ Solidifier Neutralizes and solidifies high pH fluid spills. When applied to an alkaline spill, Alky™ turns blue, then yellow when the spill has been safely neutralized. M3-47101 11 oz. FSC-1™ shaker bottle M3-47201 2.2 oz. GPT-1™ pouch Zammie Sewer Stopper™ A specially engineered mat, designed to effectively seal off gravity flow of water and heavier/lighter than water based liquids into surface mounted drains, manholes, grates, sewers, etc. Petro Lock™ Solidifier Quickly and easily absorbs spills such as gasoline, crude oil, solvents, paint sludge, or any other oil based product. Petro Lock™ is oil specific and will not absorb water based liquids. M3-15102 18” x 21” Zammie™ floor mat M3-15103 21” x 36” Zammie™ floor mat M3-15104 36” x 42” Zammie™ floor mat 0 M3-15105 Custom Size Zammie™ floor mat (call for quote) Order No. Description M3-13001 5 oz. Alky™ bottle M3-13002 11 oz. Alky™bottle M3-13003 15 oz. Alky™bottle M3-13004 3.5 lb. Alky™ pail M3-13005 17.5 lb. Alky™bucket M3-13006 50 lb. Alky™ drum Order No. Description M3-12001 5oz.Acid Lock™bottle M3-12002 11 oz.Acid Lock™bottle M3-12003 15oz.AcidLock™bottle M3-12004 3.5lb.AcidLock™pail M3-12005 17.5 lb.AcidLock™bucket M3-12006 50lb.AcidLock™drum Order No. Description Order No. Description Order No. Description Order No. Description M3-14101 2oz.PetroLock™bottle M3-14102 4oz.PetroLock™bottle M3-14103 8oz.PetroLock™bottle M3-14110 2.5lb.PetroLock™pail M3-14120 12.5lb.PetroLock™bucket M3-14130 25lb.PetroLock™drum