www.kitcarecorp.com info@kitcarecorp.com 108 Call us today at 1-800-387-1858 or 416-243-3030 Biohazard Kits (A) kit care BIOHAZARD SPILL cleanup module 9 Deluxe kit includes additional items for extra protection and safety. 9 This module contained in Kit Care Biohazard Spill/Cleanup Kit (product code M1-110). Product Code M1-110A  Contains: vinyl medical gloves; two antimicrobial hand wipes; biohazard waste bag and identification tag (to alert others to the disposal of infectious waste products); combination mask/eye shield; apron to protect clothing; easy-to-follow instructions. (B) BIOHAZARD SPILL EZ CLEANS™ PLUS KIT 9 Standard kit contains essential items for safe clean-up and removal. 9 This module contained in Kit Care Biohazard Spill/Cleanup Kit (product code M1-110). Product Code M1-110B  Contains the following: vinyl medical gloves; pick-up scoop with scraper; antimicrobial hand wipe; ready-to-use hospital Grade germicidal disinfectant, antimicrobial and deodorizer wipe; fluid control solidifier with decontaminate and disinfectant 21 g (3-4 oz); large absorbent wiper towel; biohazard waste bag; easy-to-follow instructions. kit care BIOHAZARD SPILL/cleanup KIT 9 Precaution kits for the safe and convenient clean up, removal, and disposal of potentially infectious body fluid spills, including blood, vomit, urine, and feces. 9 Minimizes the risk of cross contamination, controls mold and mildew, and neutralizes odours. 9  Includes an easy-to-use fluid control solidifier, decontaminate, and disinfectant. Each package absorbs up to 150 times its own weight. 9 Antimicrobial agent and deodorizer works fast for control against HIV-1 (AIDS virus), tuberculosis, herpes simplex types 1 & 2 viruses, bacteria, and fungi. 9 Kit contains 2 separate modules, module A (product code 110A): Personal protection module kit and module B (product code 110B): cleanup and removal module kit. Product Code M1-110  Kit Care Biohazard combination spill/cleanup kit. B A